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2005-07-12 22:38:24
I am curious as to why my stats (my total number of results submitted) drops about once per week or so.  I have several computers that I have running Muon on and I never cross over / merge the results in any fashion.  But as I noticed when I came home from work today ( I always have the website loaded on my browser ) I hit refresh to load the page new with the updated stats and I have lost around 400 or so results from my grand tally instead of going up.  I'm not quite sure what is causing this but it's sorta frustrating to have my computer time randomly erased for reasons unknown to me.  I have never manually tweaked or edited anything dealing with my results.txt or results.dat files to try and upload multiples of the same results and am getting sorta miffed at the idea that my work time gets toasted.  Please let me know the reason for this.  Thank you.  Frown
2005-07-29 21:54:50
hmm my stats dropped again tonight by almost another 300 results?  Any idea why this is happening?
2005-07-31 02:49:49
It would certainly be nice to know as it seems to happen to everyone more or less in line with their level of production.
2005-08-01 12:23:01
15 to 30 % loss isn't unusal to me, either stats reductions or checksum errors.  And the last version hasn't changed anything in behaviour Frown
2005-08-01 21:22:47
For a possible explaination about the lost results, see this thread in the Bug Reports section. 

2005-08-08 02:40:51
At DPC a lot of people keep losing point while they are not even submitting anything.

Clearly there is something wrong with the dupe checker.  Stephen, can you please look into this, because more and more of my team mates are becoming unhappy with this situation, and I cannot provide them with a good explaination.  Some have already moved to other projects.
2005-08-09 12:58:24
i geus it has something to do with the new version, since i use it, the total result of mine output where taken from me today Mad
Stephen Brooks
2005-08-12 10:02:36
If you look on the graphs, it happens in big jumps.  Also it is happening in PhaseRotB but not really any of the others, so I wonder if it is something to do with that one having a large database size.

There is something that happens sometimes where a result file will get send via two servers because one uploaded but did not reply.  If that happens, you can get credited twice but then the doubled points removed.  But then your overall rate should be right.

Whatever Stephan202 got was the result of some other bug.  I wondered if the machine here restarting in the middle of a stats run would do it, but I don't think I've reset as often as the jumps that suddenly appeared in PhaseRotB's graph the last few days.

The condition _could_ be: incomplete stats run, THEN the first received result from someone causes a problem.  But I can't tell - I've been looking for this bug for months on and off with no real progress.

One thing you could do is just manually set your client not to use PhaseRotB, the other lattices seem more reliable for now.
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