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2005-12-24 01:23:28
this is about 200k worth of work, how can i get tis uploaded.

I have moved the results.txt file from it's original location to a DPAD folder to upload as I have done beofre but this one will not upload.
2005-12-26 20:31:03
possibly missing the updated lattice files for the various simulation types you are attempting to upload?
2005-12-27 19:37:30
Helps if you tell us what version.  Of course, the newest version doesn't do checksum checks before sending.  It leaves it to the stats server to do the remaining check.
2005-12-29 20:04:02
I'm not so sure about the latest version not doing checksums.  I've been running the latest version ever since it was released and I know that I've come across bad checksum error messages on some of my results that I manually send in.  I usually fix it with the MuonMonitor program that someone made a few years ago.  I just have it re-organize the results by size or whatever and that usually fixes it for me.  Not sure if there is a download link for that proggie listed in the forums still or not.  Was pretty useful for different tasks reguarding breaking down and organizing your results.dat and results.txt files.
2005-12-30 09:21:59
Isn't there a link to it on the front page?

I use cockpit myself.
2005-12-30 09:30:22
The Muon Cockpit is a great program and that's what I have running in the background to monitor my stuff also, but years ago before that was designed there was MuonMonitor that was made by one of the german teams.  AHA!  here, got the link for it.  It's ability for combining different result files into one easily and reorganizing them by size and even having the ability to exclude certain yields that aren't very high etc.
2005-12-30 14:21:40
i don't see the point of excluding certain yields, 9assuming you mean return them, or keep them)

the hard part is done, the calculation, since you've done that, you might as well keep it in, if nothing else as a clue where not to go, and as a sim thats been done. 

Thats one thing i like - not everyone is using the samplefiles, instead half are and half aren't, Its ood for covering everything and avoiding becoming too focused on a small area.
2005-12-30 21:04:58
Well some people have been known to trim thier results.dat file down as they can get pretty large in size after time.  When doing this they would like to be able to keep thier top scores while tossing some of the more mundane low yields out.  It's also very nice to combine multiple result files into one large one.  I keep a couple of my machines totally independant with no samplefiles and another machine that I try and give it any kind of result possible to learn from.  For some people the utility might not be useful for thier purposes and others invaluable.  But for the purposes of Fozzie's problem reguarding the bad checksum, I thought that maybe using it to reorganize the result.txt file might fix the glitch he was getting.  Smile
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