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2006-07-22 15:40:02
It seems that there are zero teams and zero users when I just checked (after a decent size upload as well )

Any chance you can have a look-see?
2006-07-22 15:59:40
I think the statsserver melted in this hot weather.  Just bear with Stephen, I´m sure he´ll cool it down again .
2006-07-22 18:41:47
I know exactly what you mean Xan - I've got 3 pedestal fans running flat out and it's not making any difference.

Fingers crossed for the statsserver
2006-07-23 22:44:06
The Muon executable mutated in the heat and killed everyone running the software.
2006-07-24 00:04:27
Stephen Brooks
2006-07-24 11:11:22
Ah, should have read this thread first.  Well, the stats were still being generated, but it looks like the resulting file wasn't being uploaded to the server.  I'm trying to find out why.
2006-07-24 12:14:35
Thanks for letting us know Steven
Stephen Brooks
2006-07-24 12:52:38
Yeah I'm asking the people here whether the laboratory LAN has blocked FTP or something, though this seems intermittent.  It's a bit odd.  I might try and find some other way of uploading it if this continues.
Stephen Brooks
2006-07-24 14:08:45
Well if anything else fails I'll e-mail myself simplestats.txt and rawstats.txt before I leave work and upload them from home.

Can anyone tell if simplestats.txt is still up, or is it just rawstats that is missing?
2006-07-24 14:19:32
rawstats is empty - I get an http 200 OK for zero bytes.

Also, simplestats show a total (for me at least) unchanged from last Friday... so it seems not to have been updated.
Stephen Brooks
2006-07-24 14:37:24
simplestats should also have a datestamp at the top, which in my copy here says [updated 2006-Jul-24; 12:44].

Looks like the FTP cut out half way through writing rawstats, didn't get to doing simplestats.
2006-07-24 14:56:24
The datestamp on my browsers copy is [updated 2006-Jul-21; 08:11]. Forcing a refresh with Ctrl-F5 gives me the same result.

The url was:
Stephen Brooks
2006-07-24 21:54:37
I've uploaded today's stats from home.  Will try and remember to do this daily until the FTP makes contact from work again.
2006-07-25 00:21:01
Now you see me, now you don't.

Stats are down again, (simplestats.txt is up rawstats.txt is missing)
Stephen Brooks
2006-07-25 12:35:24
Odd, it must be hanging half way through the first transfer (rawstats.txt) and deleting it.
2006-07-25 12:54:02
Under 'FTP servers status...' your server '' has, since yesterday, been reported as 'Neither FTP nor HTTP available'. Maybe some connection?
Stephen Brooks
2006-07-25 17:32:40
Actually, it occurs to me there's no reason I should necessarily be using the FTP protocol to transfer these particular files, probably I could work out a way to HTTP them to my home machine, and upload to from there.  However, I can't get my home machine right now either so there may be some other (though probably independent) problem with it.

I've switched off the auto-FTP (though the stats back end is still running regularly), so my next attempt at e-mailing and uploading the stats from home will be a bit more permanent.
2006-07-26 15:14:01 seems broken/stalled as well - so there are only two upload servers left, and the stats seem stuck too
2006-07-26 15:42:18
There are, I believe, a number of my returned results, and no doubt, those of a great many others, sat on this incommunicado server.
Stephen Brooks
2006-07-27 14:55:58
I saw at home, there's some results from the 24th of July on there mostly.  Both it and seem to have been denied FTP access from within the work firewall, which I've raised a complaint about, asking for the servers to be whitelisted.  I can FTP other sites and also FTP those sites from outside work.
2006-07-27 18:05:53
How's it all going?  I'm missing my stats fix, cold turkey is no fun.
Stephen Brooks
2006-07-28 02:39:37
Well if you look, I updated the stats for Thursday (they'd been on Tuesday the 25th before).  Waiting for the network admins to reply to your support ticket is also no fun.  There may be another way that involves a wireless network that happens to be outside the firewall, but I'll have to do some test tomorrow and steal someone's wireless card to make that work.
Stephen Brooks
2006-07-28 12:00:15
I transferred the results queued on over to another server last night, so they will show up in this evening's update with any luck.
2006-07-28 14:49:05
I uploaded a few yesterday from a rig that was failing - got the successfully sent message in the sendlog - but no sign of the results.  Is 24 hours too soon to be concerned?
Stephen Brooks
2006-07-29 19:54:46
Damn, forgot to e-mail them to myself Friday afternoon.  It's likely they're being counted up fine, just that you can't see them.  I'm hoping for some response from the work firewall guys on Monday.  Meanwhile it's possible I'll do a trip to work this weekend to get an extra update.
Stephen Brooks
2006-07-31 12:04:51
It seems I've been given back access to my own website from here.  I've set the script to try and upload again.  There is now a stats update for this morning.
2006-07-31 16:43:04
So, have you stopped paying your IT dept yet? 

The stats seem to be updating regularly again, although perhaps not from - there are hundreds of results there & they don't appear to be getting any fewer.

Stephen Brooks
2006-08-01 13:03:27
Well at least that's some of the problem fixed. might be an issue on my end (that FTP server is my home machine), so probably this evening I'll shift the files to another server, even if I can't do anything else.

I've heard absolutely nothing from the IT people at all about my requests.  Unfortunately I'm not in a position "above" them, but to the side.  If certain things take much longer I could complain about the lack of service.
2006-08-03 08:14:18
Never complain about IT!!!  They'll just plant porn on your computer and generally make life hell in hideously subtle ways designed to make you think it's your fault!  Offer to buy one of them a beer.  Beer vouchers are the only currency that works with IT people.
Stephen Brooks
2006-08-03 11:55:15
Right now they're gradually getting around to most of the things I asked for.  The network issue got forwarded to the network people.  They're talking in terms of moving the computer I wanted moved now.  No *actual* progress but at least they're acknowledging it now.
2006-08-07 13:32:33
That recidivistic server "" would appear to be snaffling up results again.
Stephen Brooks
2006-08-07 17:52:24
Seems even the HTTP server on there is functioning, just not the FTP program!  I'll try and move the results again.  In fact I should make a batch to upload them to another (functioning) server for now.
2006-08-08 08:59:48
Can you change the server.csv file, to prevent more results are send to the server ? 
2006-08-08 11:31:43
Looks like there's 5 days worth of results on muon1.serveftp/org and it's snaffling more and more.....(including some of mine lol)
Stephen Brooks
2006-08-08 11:59:32
I think if I get a batch going to transfer them onto wmikrut (say), I should be able to keep it up, but it's odd.  Presumably you all can log into it using the muon1 password (otherwise you wouldn't be depositing results), so I have to believe it's still our network that's blocking it (even though is OK now!).
2006-08-08 12:19:26
Well there's no problem accessing it, as the results displayed are from many and varied people - so I guess it's the upload that is being blocked (more than likely by your network - my bet would be the relevant port # is being blocked by the network firewall)

Perhaps it would be a good idea to remove it from the server.csv file until such a time as your network people get the access issue fixed?
2006-08-08 23:30:40
Meadmaker, I hesitate to hijack a thread, but will anyway

I have made about 30 gallons of mead over the last few years, so am curious if your name is based on a hobby we may share.
Prickly Pear, Blackberry, and Milk mead so far. 
2006-08-08 23:33:48
well you can just edit the servers.csv file and take out the out and make it a read only file
2006-08-09 03:50:35
I've been watching the server and I noticed the files started accumulating... I thought it was something with my machine but all seemed well.
Send as much as you like... I recentely added another disk to the machine so there is plenty of space available!

Stephen Brooks
2006-08-09 11:24:42
It looks like a script I ran last night cleared most of the backlog.  We could do with a few more servers actually, relying on just 2 or 3 is worrisome if one goes wrong (I've taken my uncontactable one off the list for now).
Stephen Brooks
2006-08-09 11:25:48
(Or rather, uploaded the backlog to wmikrut's server!) There are a few files still accumulating on it so I'll have to run the batch repeatedly until this machine can pick up the results itself.
2006-08-09 12:15:01
Yes, I do share the same hobby as you JonB - my specialties are melomels and metheglyns.  I did have a set of forums dedicated to the "noble art" but they got hacked and wrecked unfortunately.
Stephen Brooks
2006-08-09 15:38:32
I thought mead was made out of honey?  Or at least the only I've tasted was.  Not being a fan of the standard beer and wine it peaked my interest and then I never came across anywhere that sold it again.
2006-08-09 16:24:55
Stephen, search for a place called "white winter winery" they make mead available for sale, though I have to admit it is nowhere near as good as the honey based wines that my family makes.  Also another brand of comercial mead to look for are offerings by rocky mountain meadery. 
2006-08-09 23:57:29
As some interest has been shown in the making of Meads, I thought I would contribute these two seventeenth-century recipes taken from my
copy of William Salmon's "Seplasium.  The Compleat English Physician: or the Druggist's Shop Opened" published London 1693. (Original
spelling and capitalization retained throughout).

VI.  To Make Mead.  Be Honey [lb]iiij.  Water from 2 Gallons to 3 Gallons (according as you will have it in strength,) mix and dissolve,
boil gently, and clarifie with the Whites of 10 or 12 eggs,taking off the scum, being only Blood warm, add a Pint of Ale Yest,
or a small soure Leaven, dissolved in a part or the Liquor, and let them work, then Tun it up into a Vessel, and being sufficiently
settled, bottle it up.  Where note, 1. That the Liquor ought to be so strong of the Honey, as that it may bear an Egg.  2. That in
Clarifying it with the White of Eggs, the Shells ought to be broken, and beaten with the Whites.  3. That if it be for present spending,
the Juice of two good Lemons, ought to be added to every Gallon.  4. That if you so please, you may add (as some do) Cloves, Nutmegs,
Cinnamon, Lemon-Peel, and Ginger, to Aromatize it, but this is at the discretion of the Drinker.  5. That some add Rosemary, Savory,
Time, Marjoram, Mint, Balm, and other sweet Herbs, as they like best.  6. That it is not to be drawn into Bottles, till it has stood
about 12 days, and is become fine.  7. That in about 3 or 4 Weeks bottling, it will be fit to be drank.  8. That if you work it up with
Yeast, you must have a great care to draw it into Bottles, soon after it has done working, as after a fortnight or 3 Weeks, for that
working it with Yeast, it will make it soon grow stale, and from that to sowreness and deadness before you are aware; but if you work
it singly of it self, and by the help of the Sun, or a gentle Sand heat, or B[alneo].M[ariae]. without addition of Yeast, or Leven; it
may be kept long in a Barrel, for 2, 3, 6, 8, 10 or 12 Months, provided it be filled up to the top, and kept very close.  9. That by
infusion of Clove-gilliflowers in it, you may give it a glorious red color.

VII.  To make Metheglin.  Be Honey [lb]iiij.  Water [lb]xvj.  or [lb]xx.  (as you will have it in strength,) mix and dissolve; then add Balm, Mint,
Sage, Rosemary, Time, Bay-Leaves, Angelica, Savory, Roman-Wormwood, Geranium Moschatum, Origanum, Smallage, ana Mj*. Nutmegs, Mace, Cloves,
Cinnamon Ginger, all in gross powder, and tied up in a bag, ana [Dram]ij.  boil an hour, clarifie with the Whites and Shells of Eggs, taking
off the Scum, then strain it through a hair Cloth into wooden Vessels, and being cool, or Blood warm, tun it up.  Where note, 1. That some,
when they are ready to tun it, add to every Gallon of Liquor, black Currants [lb]j. bruised in a stone Mortar, that they may the more easily
part with their Juice.  2. That the Vessel is always to be kept near full.  3. That the Bung-hole is covered with a Plate of Lead lying loose
on, that the working of the Liquor may lift it up, as need requires, when it purges it self.  4. That as it works over, you still fill it up,
but not to the brim, with fresh Liquor, made in the same proportion of Honey and Water.  5. That having done working a Month, you are to stop
up the Bung-hole very close.  6. That it is not necessary to work it up with Yeast or Leaven, for it will, in time, work sufficiently of it
self, for its purification and fining.  7. That some hang the Spices in it afterwards tied up in Bag, not boiling them in it at all.  8. That
if you would have it for present drinking, you must then work it up thus [Take] The Whites of 2, 3, or 4 Eggs, 2 or 3 Spoonfulls of Yeast, or
more as your quantity is, and a spoonfull or two of Wheat flower, beat all these together, and mingle them well with your Liquor, so will it
presently work, which being over, stop it close up with Clay tempered with Salt.  9. That if you intend to keep your Mead or Metheglin a long
time, you must put in Hops [lb]j. to every Barrel.  10. That after six Months, you may draw off the clear into another Barrel, or strong Bottles,
stopping them up close.  The Metheglin thus made, will keep some years.  11. That it opens Obstructions, and cures Consumptions. 

* ana Mj - of each a like quantity, one large handfull.
2006-08-10 00:51:29
"Where note, 1. That the Liquor ought to be so strong of the Honey, as that it may bear an Egg."

I think I'll still use a hydrometer, but that is interesting way to measure when you have enough honey dissolved.

"3. That the Bung-hole is covered with a Plate of Lead lying loose on, that the working of the Liquor may lift it up, as need requires, when it purges it self."

I'll still use an airlock.  Not really ready to use lead as the bubbler to let out CO2.

And, has anyone used egg whites to clarify?  I've use gelatin and Irish moss, but not egg whites.  Perhaps next time

Stephen, there are lots of different Meads, but if you don't like beer or wine, you are not a good candidate for "Mead lover of the year."
Stephen Brooks
2006-08-10 14:39:43
Well it's not 100% true - I like certain medium white wines (and one French red I found that wasn't too strong) and I like German/Swiss beer but not English.  If I go to a pub the first thing I ask for is cider.

The mead I tasted (if I recall right) was at a medaeval reinactment at a castle somewhere, and they served it hot and you could definitely taste the honey in it.
2006-10-09 11:41:28
It would appear that has, once again, become a little sticky-fingered.
Stephen Brooks
2006-10-09 18:01:24
Went down some time after Fri Oct 6th 1900h. MIGHT have been me going into a VPN and then back out again that evening, will reset when I get back home (late) this evening.
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