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[OCAU] badger
2006-07-31 03:28:06
I run with the task manager in the background, and I've noticed large (~35 second) gaps where CPU utilisation drops from 100% to pretty close to 0. This coincides with the end of a simulation, and running the commandline I noticed it is because muon is trying to update the sample files and lattice files when the old ones are more than a certain age.  That would be fine, except they are simply timing out, wasting precious processing seconds each time.  The files at{lattice}_100.bin seem to be there, so I can't figure out why muon isn't able to update them...
I've now turned off the auto updates, but there must be a better solution...
Stephen Brooks
2006-07-31 11:48:50
Do you have an HTTP proxy set up?  And are the lattices you're processing the same as the lattices on the website?
2006-08-01 15:47:13
I see a slight drop in CPU usage also on a dual core Opteron, but not all the way to zero, just to 85 or 90%

On a single core AMD64 I haven't seen that.

What cpu(s) are you running?
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