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2006-10-25 14:20:28
Stephen Brooks
Are All your servers Working ??  I have sent in about 50 to 60 MB of work over the past few days I do not seem to see it showing up
All 70 nodes are working here and I sent in 20 Mb from just 1 node the other day I only go 150K for that one Whats up here?
2006-10-27 14:38:28
I guess I should shut down my Uploads Until you can resolve this problem
But Don't wait to long to FIX it I already have close to 100 Mb waiting to upload to you now and that figure will add up As I should add about 50+ Mb a day to the totals

Hello Any Body Home Up There ?
Stephen Brooks
2006-10-27 16:08:00
I switched on my home FTP again a couple of days ago, there could have been some stuck on there.
2006-10-27 20:53:05
Well All of the 70 nodes are down now!  Except for one . So we will see if you can find Missing WU's
2006-11-04 11:50:06
I might not have quite the amount to upload/uploaded recently as our honourable friend laurenu2, but I do have the same problem.  I just uploaded last night and a day or 2 ago... no change in stats.  Infact it says last contact ~130hrs.
2006-11-04 13:43:29
the stat server is down, it would probely work on monday again.
2006-11-06 23:39:24
((the stat server is down, it would probely work on monday again.))
Did Stephen Die or just abandon the project
2006-11-06 23:45:59
C'mon steve... fight the rigimortis (sp?).  Get the stats up and running.  Theres some guys on our small team and i need to get an idea of what they're doing.... i could be losing ground here and not know it.
2006-11-07 20:43:23

I have 168 of your data files waiting on my ftp server... I am waiting for the Stephens system to come pick them up.

William W. Mikrut
2006-11-07 20:46:19
Sorry .... read the post backwards.... I thought the message at the top of this form was the most recent... (as I clean off my screen...).
2006-11-08 02:21:05
It's odd there's no "stats outage" post, or any information at all about what's going on - or the prognosis.

Stephen?  Are you alive?
2006-11-09 01:44:37
Perhaps we should start posting his face on milk cartons!
2006-11-09 02:30:00
You got me wondering, and so I went looking for him.  I'd actually never seen his picture before.

Strapping young lad actually.  Take a look at the "horsepower" listed down the page.  It's like a "whos who" at Oxford.

Bravo Stephen -

But... where the heck are you?
2006-11-09 05:50:11
Hmmm ... a divison of the company I work for is located in the UK. 
Perhaps I'll give them a call and have them check the pubs!
2006-11-09 14:12:43
Yes wmikrut.  Maybe he lost his virginity after a few pints down the local boozer... ha ha!  :rofl:

sorry stephen, but i couldn't resist
2006-11-10 02:57:09
Ah ha!  Stephen (or someone claiming to be Stephen) has appeared!  The message is cryptic... but being a Director or MIS (and those of you in the field) know a silent period with a message like that is usually joined with an "Oh crap!" somewhere along the line.  Hope all is well Stephen.
Stephen Brooks
2006-11-10 12:12:51
Yeah sorry about that, I really need to take this project offline for a month or so (hopefully a bit less) while I debug the stats generator again - I need to extend it to handle files >2GB, which is incidentally why LaurenU2 has had so much trouble, having exceeded this limit twice!  As far as I can tell, not much has been lost and the stuff sitting on the FTP servers is as intended.

I'm also working on new components of Muon1, so soon after the project is back hopefully we'll be onto simulating something new.  These phase-rotation-style things don't seem to optimise awfully well.

Having said that, this all could get sorted out quicker, but certainly not next week as I'm in Italy giving 2 (or possibly 3) talks to the European neutrino group.

So to be fair I thought I should post that message on the main page to let you know it's more worthwhile to spend a month or two on another project.  It's good to try new things anyway.
2006-11-10 17:04:56

Can you confirm that the stats we are currently generating (on or offline) will be compatible with the revised stats generator?  Also, I am keen to keep the offline boxes working on this one which will mean quite a sizeable upload once all back up and running your end (perhaps 1GB of results.txt files) - would you be able to post any possible system limits we should be wary of nearer the time?

Thanks for the update.
2006-11-19 19:08:35
How are you doing with the rebuild??  Any hope it will make though the operation OK?
Will it be able to handle the massive uploads that will follow your Startup.
I can guesstimate I have over a Gig of stored files even tho I have directed most Nodes to other projects

2006-11-23 07:27:33
Any updates?
2006-12-09 04:06:50
Ouch I had no Idea I was missing 30% of my points Thanks Stephen

I have a 20.6 Meg file the gets a error when I try to send it in any ideas on what I can do
Stephen Brooks
2006-12-09 17:03:32
Aha, I see whatever changes I made to the stats generator seem to have worked.  Yes, you should have a HUGE amount of stats considering on PhaseRotD you have >6GB of results whereas the next down is [ARS]GOD with about 2.5GB.

Try splitting the file into pieces with wordpad if you can, then naming each one results.txt and sending it.  That should isolate any bad line (if there is one).
2006-12-09 17:57:28
OK I will Try That Thanks Stephen
I got another 100Mb + uploading to you now
Again Thanks for the extra effort that was needed (*_*)
Stephen Brooks
2006-12-11 14:58:23
Oops!  I think the overly-large number of stats given to you was because I'd recounted the actual files while still re-crediting you for them not being counted.  The archived files should have given you...

28359258.2 in PhaseRotD
30480637.4 in DecayRotB

So you'll "lose" about 60 million but hopefully that should put you where you really ought to be.  Similarly [ARS]GOD will "lose" 22674830.1 in PhaseRotD.

That should make the Mpts line flat-ish on the graphs for the period we were offline, which is more realistic than it shows now, where it appears everyone has been crunching at the same rate all through that time!
2006-12-11 17:20:59
I demand a recount Just Joking

Most people wait until the day after X-mas to return things you had to be different

Now I guess I won't be-able to take Xmas off, because I have to make up all the points I lost
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