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2006-11-02 22:17:45
I have send some results and see the same stats all day !
Is the process for making the stats dead ?
Think someone needs to check what is going on !

2006-11-03 01:20:44
Yes same here I to have sent in about 300 to 400 Mb of WU over the past 2 days.  But only about a 1/2 are showing points
Stephen Please Kick your servers for me and see what Falls out of them
2006-11-03 14:46:19
Stat Data last Updated at : 2006-11-01 09:53:13 Your Servers Need A Kick in there I/O port Stephen
2006-11-03 15:52:47
Stephen's PC seems to have fallen asleep lol . Already 45 MB worth of results piled up on my server . (Last upload to his server was November 1st at 16:22).  Maybe it couldn't cope with Meep's huge result file and it caused a traffic jam .
2006-11-03 16:38:12
Seems there is no responce on the stephen side
2006-11-03 18:50:23
i've got 1809 files stock on mine server atm
2006-11-03 18:51:01
laurenu2 also files from you
2006-11-04 04:18:09
So white_panther your the server that is holding some of My WU's hostage *(^_^)*
Does Stephen need another Web Server What will happen if We (Free-DC) Comes back here in Force
2006-11-04 09:20:57
hehe, i can't help it It the problem with running it offline...

There are a lot more to come once the stats start working again!
2006-11-04 13:42:15
Meep, try using HTTP instead of FTP, so the statserver keeps running
2006-11-05 11:20:25
I do not think it is my results causing the issue White_panther... as I have been submitting them in the way for a long long time.

2006-11-05 14:20:28
Meep - a long time ago, things changed whereby the preferred method for uploading results was with HTTP.
The smaller chunks sent by the latest clients helps prevent the stats server(s) from being choked by a dump bigger than King Kong's morning glory!
How up-to-date are your clients?

btw, nice crunching! 
2006-11-05 14:44:34
All of my results are uploaded centrally (latest client), I had a big problem when HTTP was introduced which Stephen looked at and the fix was to revert back to FTP uploads... I have a big batch of results to upload shortly and will try HTTP. 

2006-11-05 14:46:33
... also, all results (bar a couple of clients) are offline, so the upload method will not apply.  If I use HTTP with a results.txt file over 10mb then it falls over. 
2006-11-05 16:01:40
stephen was downloading an file from the server from xanthorn (an result file of meep) when it stoped, so try using more litle results files instead of 1 big one
2006-11-05 16:37:28
They are offline... I cannot collect them every day and on some systems only every week or two.  It may be wiser to build a more robust stats system?  Otherwise I will have to reduce my effort on this project, something which I do not want to do. 

If the error occured during a download, then I doubt it was due to its size as I would expect a problem to occur during processing rather than a file copy... perhaps a lack of disk space or just a coincidence?
2006-11-06 01:18:16
try to sent the results from the offline systems during the week and not in the weekends, so stephen can handel it the same day or the next one, or is that not an option?

i gues the program that collects the files from the ftp servers is the problem.
2006-11-06 01:21:53
ps i've got 3.481 result files stock on mine server right now
2006-11-06 23:57:58
((ps i've got 3.481 result files stock on mine server right now ))
Your still holding all my files you better let them go or I will come down there (where ever that is)
And pull out your I/O ports !(*_*)!
2006-11-07 16:55:04
oke the collector started again, now we will wait for the stats
2006-11-07 21:09:08
I knew threating your I/O's would get them moving again haha
2006-11-07 22:55:42
hey, the problem wasn't mine server
2006-11-08 09:28:32
So where is the stats update... is the problem resolved?

Stephen, any clues as to the cause?
2006-11-08 14:54:56
Stephen did you quit your job as Project Administrator?
If not you are not acting in a vary responsible manor
leaving the project go like this for so long without any notice
to the people that support you in your effort to make this project work
2006-11-08 15:17:53
There could be a thousand and one reasons, has anyone got any info from Stephen in the last few days.  Maybe he has gone on a totally away from it all holiday.  I think this project is a one man band so maybe we can give him a break.

Just hope it all catches up OK once we are back online.
2006-11-08 16:16:37
I just noticed this line on top of the main page, would have been nicer though if Stephen dropped a line so we wouldn't have been worried:

"NB: This project is temporarily out of service as some rewriting is needed of the results database.  This notice will be removed when this is finished.  Results sent in will be stored on the FTP servers, though it's probably best to try another project for the next few weeks."
2006-11-08 17:13:00
Quite right Xanathorn... I will continue to run the service and collect results however I am suprised that this work is needed during one version and not implemented during a new version unless a limitation to the design has been found?

I have submitted a LOT of work over the last few days which I am concerned may be lost. 
2006-12-11 17:53:21
Stephen you might want to remove this note now

NB: This project is temporarily out of service as some rewriting is needed of the results database.  This notice will be removed when this is finished.  Results sent in will be stored on the FTP servers, though it's probably best to try another project for the next few weeks.

2006-12-29 16:13:04
The Stats seem to be Down Again -.-Fri..12-29-06 (*_*)
Stephen Brooks
2006-12-31 00:15:11
They're updating again now.
2007-01-01 10:46:20
Any news Stephen, results uploaded over the last 48 hours do not seem to be being processed?

Happy New Year!
2007-01-01 19:53:04
who broke the statserver this time
2007-01-01 21:55:06
Must have been me.  Every time I seem to run it, the stats server goes down..........

That is what it seems like.
Stephen Brooks
2007-01-02 17:26:07
It's going again now.  May take a little while to get through any backlog.  Is there any server in particular that seems not to be counting?
2007-01-02 17:36:53
euh i have still about 1000 files on the server, from 31-12-2006 00:46 up till now
2007-01-02 18:16:26
Yeah still nothing being downloaded from my server, maybe like 10 files.  I've installed a packetlogger to find suspicious things that hopefully reveals the problems.  Since my created testaccount worked perfectly either the problem is guildftp somehow or the ftp program the datacenter uses.  Check your mail Stephen .
2007-01-02 22:04:26
oke the files on mine server are gone now......
2007-01-02 22:23:49
I got the uploads flowing again after a few hours of screwing around with the daemon.  Might take a few hours though for the backlog to disappear, cuz there was like 5k results stored .
2007-02-02 04:06:09
Did I Crash the Stat Server Again?
Stephen Brooks
2007-02-03 17:19:35
I spotted that too.  Windows task scheduler seemed to think the stats generator program was running when it in fact wasn't, a reboot seemed to sort that out.  Sorry for the inconvenience.
2007-02-09 18:50:02
stephen statserver stuck again
2007-08-15 07:43:21
are stats broken again?  i uploaded like 26 results this morning and the stats still are not reflecting them.
2007-08-15 11:12:29
no the stats are working fine over here, where did you upload the files to?
2007-08-15 12:56:19
It uploaded them to this server: I used the muon1 -s command to send them manually.  It's weird because this is the 2nd time i've uploaded to that server.  The first time stats were reported fine.  But the 2nd time around, no dice :/. I'll wait for a day and try to re-upload them I guess.
Stephen Brooks
2007-08-15 14:49:49
I got some results added to your files at 13:09 and 14:08 today.  Perhaps the contact with the server was a bit intermittant so it took some hours to download again.
2007-08-15 16:42:20
it was verry bussy overhere.  but all the files are gone.....
2007-08-15 20:05:40
I dont see why its so hard for the client to successfully upload a 100kb file of results.  I think i'll just stick with for now. 
2007-08-15 20:13:43
are you using http?
because ftp will hang sometimes
2007-08-21 01:10:03
peterzal - yeah, good idea, stick with - except they've not realy moved on in 7 years.  They modified the client to do 72, rather than 64 - big whoop.

Oh, and it took almost 2 years for them to come up with a workaround for their broken OGR method.  And this is from a team of people paid to do this. 
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