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2006-12-30 01:56:04
As the title says, I need to know if I'm holding off the Aussies!
[BA]Webmaster Yoda
2006-12-30 02:42:00
[BA]Webmaster Yoda
2006-12-30 02:43:54
Oops, blank post.  Didn't notice the text box due to the unusual setup here.

I too would like to know when stats are updated again so we can see whether we're gaining on OcUK ;D I've uploaded some results earlier this week and they're not showing up.
2006-12-30 05:44:47
I think that there is a back log due to a ftp server that wasnt being connected to.  So I think that its check checking results for duplicates.I personally think we should see stats back this weekend.
Thats what I think.

But I do notice that the top 100 files are updating, so I could be wrong too.
2006-12-30 09:48:22
2006-12-30 09:55:15
Doh!  I've done the same thing as you Yoda

According to what I can see my stats havn't updated since 00:11 on the 28th. 
By the way Yoda it's 4 against 1 so you should be catching me, I only have one computer and it is folding too!
[BA]Webmaster Yoda
2006-12-30 11:18:04
Yes, that's the date it says the stats were last updated.  And even at that stage I was missing results sent 3 days earlier.  Guess we'll just have to be patient - Stephen may have other things on his mind at this time of the year.

As for the challenge (if we can call it that), he vast majority of our team aren't interested in distributed computing other than through BOINC, which is why there's only 4 here.  I have one old PC running Muon for a few hours a day (along with D2OL and EON). 
2006-12-30 19:54:57
I see that the times have updated.

Now where did that 8 megs of uploads go...............ummmmmmmmmmmmm......
2006-12-30 21:26:30
There's still a problem with my uplink to Stephen's PC.  I receive uploads completely fine from both ftp and http but for some reason when Stephen's PC tries to snatch them from my server something goes wrong and the connection just breaks (or even just nothing happens).  I'm still trying to figure out where the error could be, mine or Stephen's side.  The odd thing is though I haven't changed anything in the ftp's server setup since a few months so I'm quite puzzled here =/.
2006-12-30 22:05:03
I also noticed that the datacenter came along and scooped up a whole bunch of file from my server, but then the stats actually went backwards on the website.  I jumped from 48 hours of inactivity to 114.. plus the number of simulations dropped back down to under 41,000,000. Perhaps a restore and scramble is going on right now...
2006-12-30 22:21:45

Time will figure it out.......

But my upload file is getting bigger, and bigger......

I have 12 megs to upload tonight, and with dial-up I will have to wait until later to do it, so I not tie up the phoney line too long......
2006-12-30 23:24:42
My results have been going somewhere, but nearly three days of an X2 4400 on 24x7 has netted me 4247Mpts

20061229-213449 27 results sent to
20061230-002859 31 results sent to
20061230-030334 28 results sent to
20061230-074132 32 results sent to
20061230-103655 30 results sent to
20061230-135949 31 results sent to
20061230-164041 29 results sent to
20061230-194558 31 results sent to
20061230-223943 27 results sent to
2006-12-31 00:59:41
Moun Cockpit stated 313,000+ points.

Just hoping to see them show tonight...... uploaded a hour ago, nothing yet

20061230-222719 44 results sent to
20061230-222753 0 results sent to
20061230-224024 41 results sent to
20061230-224104 40 results sent to
20061230-224134 43 results sent to
20061230-224151 42 results sent to
20061230-224219 43 results sent to
20061230-224247 43 results sent to
20061230-224315 38 results sent to
20061230-224344 41 results sent to
20061230-224411 46 results sent to
20061230-224442 44 results sent to
20061230-224510 44 results sent to
20061230-224537 44 results sent to
20061230-224604 41 results sent to
20061230-224631 42 results sent to
20061230-224658 44 results sent to
20061230-224726 49 results sent to
20061230-224754 39 results sent to
20061230-224812 41 results sent to
20061230-224840 45 results sent to
20061230-224857 39 results sent to
20061230-224914 40 results sent to
20061230-224942 45 results sent to
20061230-225010 40 results sent to
20061230-225038 42 results sent to
20061230-225105 42 results sent to
20061230-225133 44 results sent to
20061230-225201 39 results sent to
20061230-225232 45 results sent to
20061230-225302 42 results sent to
20061230-225333 40 results sent to
20061230-225352 45 results sent to
20061230-225422 39 results sent to
20061230-225452 43 results sent to
20061230-225521 46 results sent to
20061230-225549 45 results sent to
20061230-225608 42 results sent to
20061230-225638 43 results sent to
20061230-225706 42 results sent to
20061230-225744 44 results sent to
20061230-225815 44 results sent to
20061230-225846 38 results sent to
20061230-225915 42 results sent to
20061230-225944 44 results sent to
20061230-230003 45 results sent to
20061230-230031 44 results sent to
20061230-230100 41 results sent to
20061230-230141 40 results sent to
20061230-230217 38 results sent to
20061230-230251 46 results sent to
20061230-230319 42 results sent to
20061230-230402 40 results sent to
20061230-230430 41 results sent to
20061230-230459 43 results sent to
20061230-230526 42 results sent to
20061230-230554 42 results sent to
20061230-230622 40 results sent to
20061230-230650 42 results sent to
20061230-230718 43 results sent to
20061230-230746 44 results sent to
20061230-230814 43 results sent to
20061230-230843 41 results sent to
20061230-230911 39 results sent to
20061230-230939 49 results sent to
20061230-231221 40 results sent to
20061230-231302 18 results sent to

2006-12-31 01:18:05

I just checked my server and I have all 17 files you sent over still waiting on the server to be processed (along with ~100 other data files as well).  The datacenter could be backlogged due to the large number of result files to process.
2006-12-31 16:37:51
I think I may hold off on upload anymore until the stats get streighten out.  Dont want to loose many.
I see that the total results numbers keep growing on the main web page, but I dont see anyones times getting updated.
2006-12-31 17:03:54
Feel free to post them to my server if you like... The server has ~1.2TB of disk available and great steps are taken to make sure nothing ever gets lost:

1) The results on the ftp server are backed up every 10 minutes.

2) The backups are forwarded to two machines at alternate locations plus one onsite raid-mirror network device.

3) Backup files are eventualy burned to DVD (with media checks and backup compares) and stored permanently.

4) If I notice Stephen's datacenter hasn't collected files in a while, I back them up again then forward them on to his server to save time.

2007-01-02 13:54:40
Well, looks like there's been another partial update.  Stats say it's been 215 hours (just under 9 days) since I was last active but:

20061224-121616 25 results sent to
20061226-103035 32 results sent to
20061229-050159 29 results sent to
20061231-102639 31 results sent to
2007-01-03 01:46:58
Hello.  I uploaded a 5MB file and ONLY got 13-14k for it.  Wasn't long ago I'd get that with a 512k-1Mb file?  WTF?  Also, I'm doing a little to get a few extra guys onto this project.  Does me no favours when the stats are a little messed.  Cheers.  let us know.
2007-01-03 02:04:42
Well seems stats jumped up to 75k. Well its ballpark.!
2007-01-05 02:14:19
And they updated again for that file.

BTW, diogenese, will team OCuK be making a run for it.  XS is just in front of you.  We're keeping an eye on you. 
2007-01-05 07:52:45
There is only me!  I'm just tring to hold off the aussies but I've only got one X2 4400 to play with
2007-01-05 22:15:39
I should be keping up with XS, I just checked my benchmarks and I should be getting around 40k/day but I seem a bit short at the moment
2007-01-06 01:58:41
I've only got an Athlon XP 3000+ on this project at the moment and it only runs a few hours a day.  Where's that dual quad-core Xeon I asked Santa for!
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