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2006-12-30 06:07:42
I was wondering, I am on a dialup connection with 14 computers in my house and garage networked together.  I can setup a local network share of the dialup, but it is really slow, very slow.  (19.2 - 21.6 at best connection)

I was wondering if there is a way ( not like I do now, connect to each computer and manually copy/paste results ) to combine results files automatically?  A add-on program maybe?

Just thought I would ask.
2006-12-30 07:39:15
Hello Merlin,

I am not sure if this is what you are looking for... but I do use some batch scripts to transfer results from multiple machine to my laptop.  I created a folder named "transfer" in my muon1 directory and created 2 batch files -- "copy_all.bat" and "xfer.bat". Here is the contents of each .bat file


@echo off

if exist results.txt goto err

call xfer.bat \\\SharedDocs\v443d results.100.txt

call xfer.bat \\\SharedDocs\v443d results.101.txt

call xfer.bat \\\SharedDocs\v443d results.102.txt

call xfer.bat \\\SharedDocs\v443d results.103.txt

copy *.txt results.txt

echo "Successfully transferred all the results to results.txt"

goto end


echo "results.txt already exists!"



if not exist %1\results.txt goto end

copy %1\results.txt %2

del %1\results.txt


copy_all.bat uses 2 parameters to call xfer.bat.  The network location of the file, and the name you would like to copy thr file to locally.  Please keep in mind that if your network location has spaces in it you must surround the location by double quotes... IE:

call xfer.bat "\\\SharedDocs\Distributed Programs\v443d" results.100.txt

I hope this helps!


2006-12-30 07:40:46
PS... Progamming, no problems... spelling that's not a language -- apparently I have difficulty with... go figure! 
2006-12-30 17:57:40
If your using M$ Windows just run network whizzed and share your connection through your network It turns your PC with the connection into a little dns server / router
2006-12-30 19:50:45

I have done the windoze network stuff, but with my dial-up only getting 19.2 - 21.6 connections it takes forever to send files....
The other problem with the network dialup share is that some of my systems are totally remote, no video no keyboard no mouse.
Systems OS's range from Win2000Pro, XP Home, XP Pro.
Am in the process of upgrading all to XP Pro to use remote access.

But the above batch file looks good to try. 


I am going to try your batch file and see how it goes.  Thanks very much.
2006-12-31 00:46:38
Here's another neat little utility named RMIAdmin I found

I fire up a small java script on each server.. then you can use the admin interface from your control machine to manipulate any of the servers on your network.  I also use it with a utility called Process viewer for windows:

I use it to start/stop muon1 on individual servers when I am installing a new results.dat file.
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