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2009-02-14 06:06:09
Hello... I am concerned tjat I have no results.txt file.  If I click on the viewreults application, it does say that I have results.  Where is my results.txt file or is it pulling that data from somewhere else?  All of my other PC's have that results.txt file...
2009-02-14 21:14:49
Nevermind... I just created one, and it is now filling up with results...
Stephen Brooks
2009-02-16 15:34:42
results.txt only contains unsent results, so if your Muon1 had just sent to the server, results.txt would not be there until the first new result had been generated.
2021-07-09 05:13:21
gand farbaega
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2021-07-09 05:14:24
ab bol na mader chod
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