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2010-06-02 11:49:57
I think the zip-archive for v444 might be broken.  I'm referring to the one available at
2010-06-02 23:20:12
i think your right, but if you still want to download an zipt client
there you can find it also
Stephen Brooks
2010-06-03 19:09:15
I just tried downloading it (Opera browser, Windows 7, extracting with Windows ZIP support) and it works fine.
2010-06-03 19:51:08
i'm getting with 2 machines (IE) the following
using winrar

if i'm get the one from mine server klik i get this:

[Edited by [DPC]white_panther at 2010-06-03 20:02:09]
Stephen Brooks
2010-06-03 20:05:56
OK, tried downloading with Opera but opening with WinRAR, and it still works.

Tried downloading with IE8 and it comes back corrupted.  Hmm, I wonder if this is a MIME types thing.
2010-06-03 21:07:51
looks like it is ziped 2 times, if you unzip the and chanced the outcoming file into, then winrar gets it right.
2010-06-07 08:17:58
@Stephen: Seems you're right.  Tried downloading with wget and firefox 3.6.3 and unzip on Linux, and that worked fine.  Downloading with IE8 on WinXP SP3 and extracting with WinZip Pro 11.2 gives "not valid archive". So it's probably IE8.

At least I have a working archive now
2010-06-07 17:03:53
could you test mine zip file? 

this one

[Edited by [DPC]white_panther at 2010-06-07 17:04:05]
2010-06-08 07:47:14
@white_panther: Yours work perfectly in the same environment (WinXP SP3, IE8, Winzip 11.2) that Stephen's fails.
Stephen Brooks
2011-03-16 19:16:31
I've just found this problem again myself.  Turns out it's because in the server settings .htaccess file, I put the following line:
SetOutputFilter DEFLATE
...which improves download sizes for pages, but seems to confuse some versions of IE and FireFox.  I've commented it out now and my problems appear to have stopped. 
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