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2011-01-05 10:44:07
During our search for alternative optimization paths for Linac900Ext10d, I made a small tool that fetches the Muon yield vs. Mpts calculation graphs and makes an animation of the progress.

Linac900Ext10d is interesting, but the fun lattice to watch is Linac900Ext6tc2

Stephen Brooks
2011-01-06 19:49:29
Very cool - a shame the Flash Player's progress bar hides the date at the bottom, though.
2011-01-07 08:40:29
It's a shame...

I might try other video formats than flash, but haven't investigated the possibilities.

I would appreciate hints if someone has experience in something better

[DPC] Mr. Aldi
2011-01-11 13:56:23
Just use virtualdub.  Make a cron script to save the lattice image to png every 3 hours.  Name them sequentially.  Open the first image in vdub.  It automatically loads the seq.  images.  Set fps to 29.97 and crop height to 1004 from 1005 (using filters-> null transform).  Set as compression x264 (need to install via sourceforge).  Do not forget to optimize for 'animation'. Save as AVI.  Done.

This will give much higher quality animation.  Probably also smoother

@Stephen, is it possible to replot all the images with your script by simply calling an url (with right query params)?
[Edited by [DPC] Mr. Aldi at 2011-01-11 13:58:28]
Stephen Brooks
2011-01-13 11:03:33
No I don't archive every single image produced!  Enough of my HDD is filled with just storing the results...
2011-08-30 20:09:41
runesk - can you drop me an email, please?
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