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2012-03-22 06:25:49
Well, usually bigger companies reserve all common TLDs for their domain so nobody else does.  And instead leading to nowhere, they simply redirect to the main one.  Languages on websites are selected by the user nowadays (or sometimes by geolocation), not TLDs (since anyone is free to host anywhere in the world).

I think we should quit hijacking this topic now...
[Edited by Zerberus at 2012-03-22 06:26:54]
Stephen Brooks
2012-03-22 15:21:44
Yes, though normally with a redirect, it changes the URL to whatever the "canonical" one is supposed to be.  So if I registered "" it would rewrite itself in the address bar to .org.  I also wondered if BlogSpot had a language system like
2012-03-22 21:39:12
Thanks for posting them Zerberus.
It slipped my mind to post them here, mainly because the last two Fridays have been so hectic.  I wasn't even home the last one (and wasn't aware of the new lattice until Sunday)

At the very least, I try and keep the blog, the facebook, and the twitter up to date (and Stephen has access to the last two, and I keep trying to give him access to the first, but he doesn't want it)

we're almost to the end of the run of these videos (theres maybe 6-7 left) so I've got the question, should I do the two synthetic scan lattices, axial3 and zoom?  (by the way, the raw footage, currently clocks in at 20.3Gb, lasting 17 hours 5 mins, SO FAR.
2012-03-23 04:15:55
Sure, you could do a short post about these two.  Since they aren't official (rather semi-official), there has not been done much optimization, and only the lsl5 parameter has had a variation to its fullest.  So a real ''best result'' doesn't exist, I guess.
2012-03-23 20:41:14
Part 37 - Linac900Removable8c2
2012-03-23 20:41:37
I'll leave them until last then.
2012-03-30 22:52:50
Part 38 - Linac900Ext6tc2
2012-04-14 03:19:48
oops, forgot last week

Part 39 - Linac900Ext7tc2

Part 40 - Linac900Ext6Xc2
2012-04-15 11:13:04
No problem.  Good work.
2012-04-21 04:52:42
Part 41 - Linac900Ext10td2
2012-04-27 23:25:39
Part 42 - Linac900Ext6X (lattice release notes)
2012-05-04 22:30:17
Part 43 - Linac900Ext10tc2

... and yes, I know that in the last 5 HOURS a better result has been turned in.  Unluckily for [DPC] Team ColdFusion~Arnim everything had been made, written, uploaded and ready to go (just needed me to hit 'publish' when I got home) so his 3.775458% result wasn't counted.  if he'd submitted a day earlier.... but it's been 5 months since the last increase.  Got to be more timely.
If anyone else has 9X results they think are better, NOW is the time to submit them.
2012-05-05 02:39:07
No worries, it's only marginally higher.  Got it from the successives.
Stephen Brooks
2012-05-08 18:36:45
I remember I wrote my thesis in 2010 and then a ~10% higher result came out in January 2011...
2012-05-11 22:55:37
Part 44 - Linac900Ext9X

Last one for now, I've decided there's no point in doing the two hi-res scans, there's no point.  And I'll figure out something new and interesting to do soon.  And when a lattice ends, I'll do one for it then.
2012-12-07 20:07:52
Part 45 Linac900Ext7Xc2

I gave it 6 weeks, in case there was some kind of flush.
[Edited by K`Tetch at 2012-12-07 20:08:08]
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