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Stephen Brooks
2013-02-25 18:06:19
Muon1 has the option to sleep when a laptop is on batteries.  This makes sense for the "background" mode but doesn't for the fullscreen graphics modes where it locks you out.  I'm wondering what users would prefer for commandline (or windowed) mode?  Should that suspend on battery as well or just the background version?
2013-02-25 20:41:04
If entering battery mode, each and every battery-draining activity has to stop.  That's my opinion.

If in doubt, make config setting where one can decide which mode(s) should be affected by the sleep mechanism.
2013-02-25 21:17:03
It can be annoying sometimes.  The 'best design' videos are done on my laptop, and sometimes I just have to move the laptop, and the cord will fall out (it's an aftermarket charger - the old one got broke last summer) and if that happens, the video will pause, and it can really screw things up.  even if it's just for 30 seconds (because some sims can last almost 2 hours in visual mode)
Stephen Brooks
2013-02-25 21:29:31
I see where Zerberus is coming from, but there's been at least one time when I try to make a presentation running Muon1 fullscreen and because my laptop's not plugged in, it just shows a black screen with "On battery mode, sleeping" when I start it.  That's why I'd prefer at least fullscreen mode to be exempt from the battery thing (since you won't be wanting to do anything else on your laptop when running Muon1 fullscreen).

[edit] Just realised that fullscreen *screensaver* mode should not be exempt.  You certainly don't want the screensaver killing your battery while you're away.
2013-02-26 14:53:24
The intentionally run Fullscreen graphical mode should be the only exception.  It can be stopped by the user anytime without losing any progress.

Screensaver, command line, background modes should obey battery rule.

This would be my proposal, should you decide against a config setting.  With config setting it would be my proposed default.
Stephen Brooks
2013-03-04 16:03:31
I've done the above for v4.46_alpha1.
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