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[KWSN] PhastPhred
2013-08-05 05:21:31
It is easy to set up one Cruncher, already running!  How do I set up EIGHT?
My Dual-Cores are Quads, so eight Threads
I'd assume a separate Directory for each Thread
How do I set up the program to use Specific CPUs or Threads?

Thanks in advance!  Garry
2013-08-05 07:36:57
You can use Boinc, attach it to the project and enable only the Muon project.  This will use all threads (unless you configure it different).

2013-08-07 01:05:09
The client is, by itself, multi-threaded, so one will use ~ 94% of the cpu time (the reason it isn't 100% is because of the work splitting isn't always spot on even)

If you really want to run 8 separate instances, then you need to do the following (assuming windows)

install 8 versions, each to their own directory.
make sure they're set to single thread in the config file.
Then when they start running, in the task manager, select the task and pick 'choose affinity'. That will let you select the CPU cores to use.
Repeat for all 8

I don't know of a way to ensure they always use the same core each time they're restarted, but I can look into it.
[KWSN] PhastPhred
2013-08-08 03:51:53
Well, I wanted to leave my BOINC as-is - I have two Processors at 4 Cores each - I would have expected to be able to start up 8 Processes all independent of each other - As it is now, I have all 8 BOINCing away, but only ONE Muon/DPAD running - It seems I would get one EIGHTH of what I am capable of here!  - Any hints on how to actually MAKE that modification?  - GSS
Stephen Brooks
2013-08-08 21:54:31
If you run the Muon1 classic client it will detect all your processors by default and most of the time will use them (except during initialisation).  You don't need 8 separate instances.

If you want to run it under BOINC you'll have to ask yoyo, but above he says it will also use all threads by default, so I don't see what your problem is.
2013-08-10 20:36:26
The days of having to run an instance-per-processor are long gone.  They were on the way out when I got my first multi-cpu system (a dual p3-550) back in Jan 2000. Sure I had to wait a few weeks for Win2k, but since then, no issues.

As a side note, I've been doing alpha/beta testing of Muon1 clients on a dell poweredge box for years (started with a 1350, then onto an 1850) so I know it works fine with that.
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