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kruemi [Swissteam.NET]
2002-07-10 07:18:43

It's really great, what this program produces!
But, wouldn't it be possible to let the program save every picture it produces to a (bmp, jpg, tif, whatever) file?
It's hard to sit in front of the pc and hit PrtScr when a pic is finished, got to the graphics-app, paste the pic, save it and restart light and perspective... .-/



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Stephen Brooks
2002-07-19 06:56:27
This has now been added (download here).  You press S to save a screenshot at any time.

"As every 11-year-old kid knows, if you concentrate enough Van-der-Graff generators and expensive special effects in one place, you create a spiral space-time whirly thing, AND an interesting plotline"
kruemi [Swissteam.NET]
2002-07-23 10:53:59
Just great!  I'll try it immediately!


Kruemi wink

Don't read this.  And neither this!
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