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[INFN] Sfiligoi
2002-11-05 06:12:23

I have successfully compiled Muon 4.21b on IBM AIX.
Do you think anyone will be interested in it?

[INFN] Sfiligoi
2002-11-05 06:34:11
On AIX, xlC_r has been used.

The folowwing problems have been found and solved:
- strings.h instead of string.h
- bool not defined => typedef and defined true and false
- var def.  inside for extends out of the loop
=> moved variable definition out of for
2003-09-28 15:34:23
Yes propably I could use a port at this machine at my university.

3 X IBM pSeries 630 computer
with 4 X RS6000 PowerPC-CPUs (Power4)(1GHz)

OS: IBMs AIX L Version 5.2.
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