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Austin Spafford
2003-12-04 13:55:35
Have any of you written programs that use more than three dimensions?  (not including 137 dimensional projects Wink )

I'm mainly thinking of games (4-6 mazes), and simulations (like a 6D version of NetMap), but just about anything that makes good use of an unintuitive number of dimensions is always fun to hear about!

-Austin Spafford
Stephen Brooks
2003-12-06 09:50:20
This image (maybe familiar from the front page) is actually a 2D surface floating in 4D.

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Austin Spafford
2003-12-06 12:20:27

Do you think it might be possible to get comments like that with each of those neat pics?  (or at least when you add new ones, even if it's along the lines of "Creativity strikes again!")


-Austin Spafford

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2003-12-08 23:19:06
I would have to agree- if anything comes along that falls into this category (game/simulation, etc. in 4D+), I would love for you to post it, as not much intrigues me as much as trying to visualize extra dimentions (or quantum mechanics).  One fun idea (a bit off subject) might be to have a program that works similarly to the Cirieth series in movement, but moves in and around a SierpiÅ„ski carpet.  Smile

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