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2004-01-30 22:12:32
Having issues with version 4.33/a running as a service under windows 2000 on two machines.  The program fails to initialise stating "please create a file user.txt in your muon1 directory". There is such a file and runs fine when manually started.  Both machines are signed in as admin and never had a problem on previous machines.  I cant run this program without it so its very annoying Frown

Muon Project member for OCAU
2004-01-31 09:28:23
If you try to manually create a service of Muon, it seems to get confused and thinks that the muon files are in the Windows\System32 (or maybe just Windows) directory.  For some reason it doesn't correctly trace the correct location of the muon directory.  To get around this go to and use this program to set it up as a service.  Another possibility could be to make a shortcut of muon1_background.exe to your windows\system32 (or maybe just windows) and make sure you rename it so that the "shortcut to" part is cut off the name.  You should have a file named muon1_background.lnk, then make a batch file in your windows directory that executes the shortcut (shortcuts will launch like regular BAT, COM, EXE files).  That way the service is happy about starting it's Muon.bat file and the bat file will launch the shortcut (just like putting a shortcut into your startup directory) of the muon1_background.exe.  I don't use this method for running it as a service myself, but I do use it for running the background client as the screensaver mode on a couple of my machines, do to the fact that my kids or wife will END TASK on the client to play thier games and not bother to restart it.  This way they are none the wiser Big Grin. Hopefully this will work for you.  Good luck.

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2004-01-31 19:47:07
Firedaemon is working all good now, thanks for the help.

Ahh its good to be back Smile

Muon Project member for OCAU
[OCAU] badger
2004-02-10 17:48:23
having some similar sorts of problems:
I had a hdd die, so I had to reinstall os etc (XP) on the replacement.
I installed firedemon as before and set muon (background) to run automatically.
about 20 hours later I had a look and there were no results, either in results.dat (except for the seed results) and results.txt didn't exist.  Looking in the task manager showed that muon1.exe was using 99% of cpu still. 

I shut it down in and ran it manually - no worries either cmdline or background.  I reinstalled it as a service in firedemon, it showed up using cpu again but no output...

anyone got any ideas?  using v433a
It was running fine on exactly the same system for months before this HDD failure... Proudly sponsored by GRX-Computers
[OCAU] badger
2004-02-11 17:04:51
never mind, got it going again by using the -c parameter to start muon1.exe in fire demon. Proudly sponsored by GRX-Computers
2004-02-11 18:36:35
I have the same problem, so i use another tool to make service,but it looks like can't auto-sending...

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Stephen Brooks
2004-02-12 00:46:47
Originally posted by [OCAU] badger:
never mind, got it going again by using the -c parameter to start muon1.exe in fire demon.
What about '-b', does that work?

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2004-02-26 12:00:43
I have an install script on my site, using the Windows Resource Kit

DPAD Service
2004-02-26 12:48:40
Originally posted by [TA]Soni:
I have an install script on my site, using the Windows Resource Kit

and It works!!!  Big Grin Thanx soni!!!  Wink


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