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2004-05-22 06:19:32
With every run they get more.  Not a biggy, but if it piles up, it may disturb the distribution of some good values.
Stephen Brooks
2004-05-22 06:37:32
I thought my merge routine removed duplicated results when it merged the sample with results.dat, so even if there were duplicates in the sample, they shouldn't appear in results.dat which the program reads from?
2004-05-22 12:52:52
I probably didn't elaborate enough.

Your sample files pile up by some specific values only, eg.  in the solenoidsto15cm_101.txt the 10.259262 value from me appears several times.
Stephen Brooks
2004-05-22 13:24:08
The weird thing is, when I looked, it was only _your_ result that was being replicated 6 times!  All the rest were single ones.  I'm not quite sure why that is, but will investigate when I get back next week.
2004-05-22 23:40:29
I've seen that with 2 other names (one at least was Nukefarmer) as well, however not that much duplicates in a row.  They may have disappeared in the meantime, but they were also in the Chicane/Phase sample files.  I'll come back on this, if I find other occurances.
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