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2004-05-22 10:14:14
When simulating ChianeLinacB (maybe also PhaseRot, the graphical version seems display the particles being 'stuck' okay with AutoView turned on.  But as the particles start moving, the graphics seem to 'flicker' more and more often (intermittent frames of everything black except for text) until you don't see any part of the accelerator at all.  Also, the frame rate seems to become very slow, even when the simulation is paused.

Simulating Solenoidsto15cm seems to be fine, though.
2004-05-22 15:00:21
Is anyone else getting this problem?  (So we know if it's just a freak problem)
2004-05-22 18:50:19
It does flicker at the beginning of the simulation for me, but works well after the initial 'blast'. I assumed it was because the graphics could not keep pace with the rapid changes at the start of the simulation, though I'm usually wrong.
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