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2004-05-23 04:39:49
Hi Stephen.

I have noticed that the numbers of people who produce results doesnt seem to mach with the lastup field.

I use the lastup field to count the number of people who have been active, but that number doesnt match with the number of people who have a change in their results(Mpts), even if I calculate both the positive and the negatice changes.

Have I misunderstood the lastup field?
I assume it means when people have last returned some results!

Stephen Brooks
2004-05-23 06:39:48
I think sometimes if two updates happen close together it might display 0's for both this update and the one before.  Other than that, not quite sure what would cause that - apart from of course that I have "hours since last active" for each _individual_ optimisation, so if a user is only active on one, they'll have a low number there and high elsewhere.
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