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2004-05-29 07:14:54
Another encounter with the same issue.  Confused
This queue was shut down and restarted during the second run.  It appeared to run normally but with the same strange scoring issue as the earlier post.
The result so far:
0.689346,-0.261313,0.675927 (1494.3 Mpts) [v4.41a] {DD6DFB1E4D7C132ABAD6A523} <ChicaneLinacB>
Hopefully, the final result will reflect the real score as with the previous queue.  I'll update with the final result if this slow one ever finishes.
UpdateThe final result was normal, just as the last one.
0.677749 (2491.2 Mpts) [v4.41a] {F48AF9E7750096959DF37367} <ChicaneLinacB>
Just a wierd glitch.

Feel free to completely ignore this post. Red Face
Stephen Brooks
2004-05-29 12:16:07
Yes, as I said in another thread, you raised this on the forum just after I'd finished work on the 4.41a bugfix, so I couldn't include a fix for this in the current version.  Fortunately the way I average together scores with multiply-queued results ignores the top and bottom values, averaging the central three, for exactly this reason (preventing freak results from biasing it).
2004-05-30 07:18:58
unsure if this is related, but viewresults.exe is showing some of my result with runs = -01
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