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2004-06-01 11:49:49
When I try to run the viewresults.exe program it exits before it's finished loading and the following line is put into the dderr.log file:
"DirectDraw error 80070057 @ makebank - creating shad"
The problem just started happening recently (it may have been when I upgraded the client, but I'm not sure) and doesn't seem to be limited to one particular version of the client.  Any idea what's going on?  Thanks.
2004-06-01 11:55:16
On a whim, I tried to run the graphical version of the client and the same thing happens.
2004-06-01 14:43:08
Try updating your Direct X installation (search on Google).  If there are still problems, run dxdiag from Start --> Run and go through each each pane, testing to see if there are any problems.
2004-06-01 19:26:23
I've got the latest version of Direct X installed, and my computer passes all of the tests in dxdiag.  Thanks for the help though.  Any other suggestions?
2004-06-01 23:03:56
my next guess would be video card... what card are you running in the machine and on what operating system?

try updating your video drivers and see how it goes
Stephen Brooks
2004-06-02 01:27:49
The line that caused that error is a very standard DirectDraw surface-creation command.  Check first that config.txt specifies a resolution that your monitor can cope with.
2004-06-02 04:51:02
Thank you!  That was it.  I must have made a typo with regard to the resolution.  Thanks again!
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