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Stephan Hermens[RKN]
2004-06-02 04:58:52

I have set the following parameter:
Download sample results file after a number of days (0=don't): 7

The client does download and merge the samplefiles for PhaseRotB and SolenoidTo15cm each time a new simulation or the client is started.  The samples for ChicaneLinacB were olny downloaded the first time when I started the client without a sampleresults.dat present.  The versions which I saw do this were 4.41 and 4.41b. I didn't test 4.41a. the client was started using the muon_cmdline.bat.
2004-06-02 06:28:22
I've observed sample file downloads occuring too frequently as well...
Stephen Brooks
2004-06-03 03:08:12
OK, I'm now aware of this.  It might not get fixed for a while but I will look into it when I have time and am not trying to write conference papers...
Stephen Brooks
2004-09-29 04:27:58
I've found what I think is the source of the problem.  The maintenance release v4.41c will have the ones for different lattices downloaded into different files, instead of overwriting the same sampleresults.dat as they do now, which causes the timestamps confusion.
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