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2004-06-08 13:53:41
i use muoncalc to check the points of my results.txt files before i upload them and for the past 2 weeks ive been getting results dropped.  ill upload like 40,000 mpts and only get credit for 37,000 or so with about 3,000 being dropped.  im not uploading duplicates so i know thats not the case.  others on [TA] have been noticing the same thing and i would like to know whats up.  any ideas or is there something im doing wrong or what?  i dont have a huge amount of machines so when i lose points it hurts me a lot more than the severe cruncher with a herd of 20-30 boxes....
2004-06-09 21:25:49
There is something fishy in the stats again.

I send in yesterday evening a new record for Chicane and it made it through into the stats. 

I send in together with it a very good Phaserot 1.345014 (2228.1 Mpts) test result.

Already a few hours earlier I had send in a Phaserot 1.352089 (446.7 Mpts).  Both values have not been acounted in the stats.

Now it doesn't make me wonder, why I'm a quarter Million Mpts short Frown
2004-06-10 07:32:57
It was evident to me that my submission counts were being shorted as well...
Stephen Brooks
2004-06-11 06:21:28
I've been watching this and it looks like some of the results (a few per-cent) are being removed with "invalid checksum" errors.  Not a large number, just occasionally one or two each time a batch of results is sent.  I wonder if it is not appending the files properly or some such thing?  I don't know how long this will take to sort out - I'm supposed to be writing a conference paper right now which is taking a while....
2004-06-11 07:51:37
I see my missing quarter is up again, thanks Smile

If we could have a report which values have been discarded, it would be easier to look at it.
Stephen Brooks
2004-06-11 08:29:24
On Monday, I will get it to print out the results that are being rejected, to see what's happening to them.
2004-06-11 09:40:43
i had a few that were rejected on my end due to back checksum errors (2 to be exact) so they didnt send but other than that all my results have sent ok but just not counted right.  thanks for getting to the bottom of things stephen!
Stephen Brooks
2004-06-13 06:27:50
I have a suspicion this is also what is causing the sample file corruptions: basically 95% of your file gets written, meaning it cuts off half-way through a result!  When parsed, these half-baked results are removed as "bad checksum" errors, as they should be, but before that the sample file might pick them up.
2004-06-13 08:46:09
So basically there is a bug in:
1)the code that converts the files to binary format?
2)the checksum engine?
3)the results file writing code?
2004-06-17 06:41:00
ive lost over 45,000 points in the past 2 weeks to them not being counted when uploaded.  i have to sneakernet some of these slower boxes i have and this is days of processing lost due to the fact they the machines are so slow.  should i just stop uploading results until these issues are fixed or what?  im tired of losing results and ive tried to bear with it but this is getting rediculous!  if my points arent going to be counted when uploaded and i get no checksum errors, what is the issue then?
2004-06-17 08:52:20
20040614-181849 43 results sent to

Those results haven't been counted either yet.  I think/hope we should be patient.
Stephen Brooks
2004-06-17 11:14:17
I've just found and fixed a bug in the stats system where it was storing bad endpoints for files (so would put new results on top of old ones rather than at the end).  I can't be sure if this will fix the whole problem, but it will certainly take a major source of errors out of the system.
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