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2004-06-16 05:29:31
Once upon a time I had some more points than now:
2004-06-16 13:26:25
Rocked like a hurricane.
2004-06-16 16:33:22
You mean they have gone to never-never land, or something like that ????  Frown

2004-06-17 13:38:25
Looks like they have surfaced again... Big Grin
Stephen Brooks
2004-07-01 02:11:34
I've now found an error in my "read a line from a text file" routine (!!): when it encountered an 0x0A (unix newline), it treats it as the end of a line.  When it encounters 0x0D 0x0A (Windows newline), it also does.  However the way it did that was to see 0x0D and then just discard whatever character happened to be after that!  Now it checks that it really is 0x0A and backtracks if it was not, so lone 0x0D "newlines" are treated as such (and there was one in a file I was looking at, for some reason).  The problem is that when it overruns, it deletes the first character off the next result, which then is removed due to its checksum now being invalid.
2004-07-01 09:53:46
Now it's becoming clearer. 

If the first chr is a #gen=x a gen=x is left then.  Unfortunately it made its way into a sample file.
Second the client treats it as a possible value and even alters it.
For some sorting purposes, this value appears now in the middle of new results.

This first chr truncation seems to affect only if it is a gen type value all others are probably discarded.
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