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2004-06-25 05:03:14
There appear to be two new problems in the sample files.

The first line starts with "gen=3" without the leading #
Value is 1.778905 (2228.0 Mpts) but ignored as sample, insert the # and it works again. 
Analog is 1.173064 (2378.1 Mpts) in Chicane.

There are several samples containg an additional "gen=00x" inside all the other parameters without the leading #. Though they have a proper #gen=x almost in the beginning of the sample.  These samples are ignored until you remove the internal gen value.
Currently affected are: 1.759994 (2227.2 Mpts), 1.757383 (2225.2 Mpts), 1.724438 (2224.4 Mpts) in Phase samples
This didn't appear in the Chicane file so far.
2004-06-26 01:03:02
This Problem also continues, affected now:
1.744640 (2224.6 Mpts) and 1.760745 (2226.8 Mpts)
2004-06-27 23:08:40
I'm sure now that at least the first problem is raised by the client himself.  It may be connected to the second problem, but I had no results like that.  I came across these results:

....gen=003;#gen=9;1.728823 (453.6 Mpts)
gen=002;tantalumrodz ..... #gen=5;
1.775995 (444.0 Mpts)
1.733017 (445.0 Mpts)
1.750539 (444.8 Mpts)
1.753584 (444.5 Mpts)

and so forth.  For my surprise there was also one:
1.082211 (408.2 Mpts)

By the structure of the invalid gen-parameter it looks like some other value than really gen.
As they've made it into the sample file from other people, I see a general Bug in the client here.

What happens to such results, are they credited? 

I've probably produced some 15-20% of my PhaseRot production in that style and have to check for the Chicane type results now also.
Stephen Brooks
2004-06-28 01:12:04
Actually it looks like some results have inherited "gen" as a real parameter (which in our lattices does nothing).  This could have all come from a single instance of 'gen' in the sample files.
2004-06-29 21:59:48
Your assumption is probably correct.  I've weeded out my results.dat and found another faulty one, removed it and since then my results are clean.

The current phaserot sample file still contains weird gen parameters as follows:
1.868536 (2424.4 Mpts) [v4.41b] <PhaseRotB> #time=44933; by [DPC]NGS~Bowlingsmurf
1.843665 (2422.2 Mpts) [v4.41b] <PhaseRotB> #time=44920; by [DPC]NGS~Bowlingsmurf
1.814230 (2220.6 Mpts) [v4.41b] <PhaseRotB> #time=44888; by [TA]Wonga
1.810715 (2223.3 Mpts) [v4.41b] <PhaseRotB> #time=44911; by [DPC]NGS~Bowlingsmurf
1.778905 (2228.0 Mpts) [v4.41a] <PhaseRotB> #time=44748; by [TA]Redviffer
1.760745 (2226.8 Mpts) [v4.41a] <PhaseRotB> #time=44814; by symphonyx
1.744640 (2224.6 Mpts) [v4.41a] <PhaseRotB> #time=44814; by symphonyx
1.734032 (2216.7 Mpts) [v4.41b] <PhaseRotB> #time=44922; by M0RTUS[]
1.724438 (2224.4 Mpts) [v4.41b] <PhaseRotB> #time=44807; by jimmy
Stephen Brooks
2004-06-30 01:23:47
Another thing I'm beginning to think is that these 'gen' arise from the '#gen' having its # chopped off due to some sort of parse error.  I suspect this is also the error causing the stats lossages, as I've just been logging the results rejected by checksum and they all start with "gen=".
2004-07-01 01:00:50
Again new ones:
1.829751 (2228.5 Mpts) [v4.41b] <PhaseRotB> #time=44922; by M0RTUS[]

and also now:
1.151070 (2368.3 Mpts) [v4.41b] <ChicaneLinacB> #time=44873; by M0RTUS[]
1.142172 (2387.0 Mpts) [v4.41b] <ChicaneLinacB> #time=44776; by [DPC]Meloentje

I'd just recommend to remove any "gen=0" or ";gen" results from the sample files as soon as possible, to prevent the problem from further spreading.
2004-07-03 00:01:12
All these now also:
1.916839 (2362.4 Mpts) [v4.41b] <PhaseRotB>
1.903383 (2255.9 Mpts) [v4.41b] <PhaseRotB>
1.896399 (2386.1 Mpts) [v4.41b] <PhaseRotB>
1.829751 (2228.5 Mpts) [v4.41b] <PhaseRotB>
1.767759 (2233.1 Mpts) [v4.41b] <PhaseRotB>

1.172710 (2397.6 Mpts) [v4.41b] <ChicaneLinacB>
1.165663 (2376.3 Mpts) [v4.41b] <ChicaneLinacB>
1.159863 (2370.3 Mpts) [v4.41b] <ChicaneLinacB>
1.153761 (2371.1 Mpts) [v4.41b] <ChicaneLinacB>
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