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[SG] Herb
2004-07-19 04:04:23

the result viewer successor muon cockpit is now ready to download.
The web site is not yet finished, but I'll complete it the xext time, step by step. 

Feel free to ask questions here or by email.  I will use them later to build a litte FAQ.

Regards, Herb
2004-07-19 09:42:39
This is a really cool tool man.  Definitely worth having.  Thanks for putting in the time and effort in making this fine addition to the project.  Big Grin
2004-09-01 00:33:36
When I try to download I get the message
"Sie dürfen die Datei nicht downloaden!"

This applies to all programme from your site i.e
Muon Viewer and Muon Cockpit
2004-09-01 01:42:52
No problems here.

IP ban or problem solved...
2004-09-01 11:40:12

Working now.  - Strange happenings in the internet realm

Great tool - Thanks a lot.
Stephen Brooks
2004-09-02 01:45:22
OK, I've slightly modified the muon front page to have a link to Muon Cockpit as well.
2004-09-15 15:25:13
Aha.  Just the sort of tool I had been wanting.  Many thanks, Herb - this saves me lots of time and is very convenient!  Wink
[SG] Herb
2004-10-19 02:19:34

a new version of Muon Cockpit is now ready to download.

I added support for the changed "Threads" option in client 4.41f and improved the optimal inactivity rate setting in the case of no autosave.

For more details look into Muon Cockpit version history.

Regards, Herb
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