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2004-10-18 03:26:46
I have edited the user.txt and put [Team] russkris, I hope this is right, or is there another way to join a team.

And Hi I Rusty, Just joined the forum :waves:
2004-10-18 14:58:33
This should be under Q&A rather than bug report. 

Anyway is your team name "Team", because there is no such team by that name yet.  You need to get Stephen to create the team first otherwise you're merely changing your name and your stats will be divided between 2 user names.
2004-10-18 23:11:35
I started the project and uploaded and then I realised I need to have the [ ] so I edited the user.txt and instread of having russkris, I put [Team Ninja]russkris, But I havent appeared on the stats yet.  In fact I can't even find me
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