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2004-11-15 09:51:09
Got this error msg:
"Quarantined result has now been run 5 of 5 times
Result has passed quarantine, will be added to results file
[FATAL] Failed to delete result out of non-existant queue."

Problem is the client was running on its own and I didn't do anything with the queue file.  So its strange I got this error.
2004-11-16 21:23:29
And I have another one:

lcc runtime: GP Fault Stack trace
0 sortdeadparticles[9] d:\sjb39\muon1\muon1.c 73
Current instruction: 0x433198
2004-11-16 23:06:57
And another one...

Stephen Brooks
2004-11-17 07:20:18
OK, thanks, I will look into these.
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