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2004-12-13 12:26:31

Just recently, I got a [FATAL] error message from DPAD.  I got myself the latest debugging exe, and here is the output:

Detected 1 logical processors
Loading genomes... 2298, done.
Hello, excaliber[]
Muon1 started
New simulation
latticelist.txt older than 12 hours, attempting download...
Searching for auto-saved file...
No file present
Making new genome, TrialType=Crossover... Done
Interpreting lattice file 'ChicaneLinacB90'...
Cannot parse the following expression...
<html><head><title>Under Refurbishment...lattices:ChicaneLinacB90.txt</title><li
nk rel='stylesheet' href='/hidden/sjb.css'></head><body><div class="crumbs"><a h

2004-12-13 12:32:51
On second look, it seems the contents of my lattice file is royally messed up.

Attached are the contents
Stephen Brooks
2004-12-14 08:27:35
OH yes, I wondered if that was going to happen... OK, I've fixed it now.

Delete your corrupted lattices and also the "latticelist.txt" file, to trigger your client to download them anew.
[DPC]Team Switch~CowArt
2004-12-14 13:46:35
Apparently there still some issues with the lattice files.  Today my client (version 4.4f) downloaded a “title.txt”-file and stored it in the lattices directory.
Some time later, the client enthusiastically started to do some calculations using this “title.txt”, which resulted in a “[FATAL]”-error.
2004-12-14 18:04:26
I'm getting an explosive behavior from DPAD now.  Here is the debug msgbox:

lcc runtime: GP fault.  Stack Trace

0 strconcat[3] d:\sjb39\muon1\muon1.c 234
1 machinecellfromfile [4] d:\sjb39\muon1\muon1.c 626
2 SBCLIB_main2 [71] d:\sjb39\muon1\muon1.c 128
3 WinMain [0] d:\sjb39\muon1\muon1.c 57

Current instruction: 0x402231
2004-12-15 00:28:33
The same thing.
Yesterday my client, running under background mode, stopped with the small window "Error Muon [FATAL]" (or something like this).  As this project is difficult to be undestanded in the sense of solve of problems, so I decided, after a couple of starts today, delete the whole directory, without forgetting, of course, send calculated results, and rewrote it to the same, re-created, directory.  After beeing running for a ten minutes, the client returned to emergency-exit with the before mentioned message.
After all this I came here and discovered I'm not alone with such a problem.
I'll try to solve the problem as it is described here and, if I won't forget, will post it here later.
Stephen Brooks
2004-12-15 02:46:07
There were some remaining issues with serving the files from the site, but I think they're now fixed and the index of the lattices no longer has the spurious "title" optimisation.
2004-12-15 11:46:06
Thanks, working fine for me Smile
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