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2004-12-31 07:45:41
hello, I'm [china]henryjane
here is part of my sendlog.txt

20041012-164917 148 results sent to
20041216-093508 1253 results sent to
20041216-223833 17 results sent to
20041217-190714 18 results sent to

I got the points of the first and the last two, but lost the 1253 results!Till today it hasn't been put into my points. 
Why?Please help and check it for me, thx
I mean it is really a huge lost of more than 400,000 pts.  It is the pts i have now!  I can't believe this.
And I am using v4.41b without any add-on
2004-12-31 16:54:52
I logged onto that ftp server (

userid is: muon
password is: chatkat18

in the v4.4x folder, there are lots and lots of peoples results.  (some of mine are there, too!)

Looks like that ftp server is hung up on something since December 27th. 

henryjane, your sendlog results are dated October 12, December 16 (twice) and December 17. None of the stalled results are that old.
2004-12-31 18:57:14
So what you mean is that I had already lost 1253 results?
2004-12-31 21:39:52
If your 1253 results were sent to on 12/16/2004, then they may be lost.  They are not on the inforsharz server.

There was nothing there older than 12/27/2004.

userid and password in earlier post
2005-01-01 05:17:48
I think it is impossible to rescure these data, right?
Then i think in the new year i will not run moun1 anymore.
What a pity
2005-01-01 07:06:30
If you still have your results.dat file, then you can actually resubmit it.  The software at Stephen's end will discard duplicates.

I believe all you have to do is rename it to results.txt and do a manual send.

I looked at your stats (2545 results returned and over 1 Tpts).  I'd really hate to see you quit now that you are in the top 200 members.
2005-01-01 18:37:27
good idea and i will try now.  thx very much
2005-01-01 19:49:06
I didn't sent the results,
but now I find out my missing results are back!
I will continuou on the project.
Stephen Brooks
2005-01-04 09:12:39
The owner of that FTP server changed his passwords and just now I had to update them here so it can work again.
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