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2005-01-09 08:12:51

I know it's kind of late for this, but my 'g' client outputs its crash statistics to a windows pop-up.  But what i would like to see is a sort of crash-log file being created in the muon-directory.  This way i can more easily post the information on this forum.

Its happened quite often now, that the client locks-up and crashes somewhere when im not behind my pc.  And by keeping such a log-file, i can more easily post the info here, and for my own record see when the crash occurs...

2005-01-09 16:35:56
ok, so i'm back now...
and left the stack-trace window open so i can copy it here:
lcc runtime: GP fault.
0 savegenome [25] d:\sjb39\muon1\muon1.c 31
1 SBCLIB_main2 [237] d:\sjb39\muon1\muon1.c 294
2 WinMain [0] d:\sjb39\muon1\muon1.c 57

fault occurred outside a function scope
Current instruction: 0x74faa3c1
System specs:
512Mb ram

Any more questions: mail me via (replace the _AT_ with the @ ofcourse)
Stephen Brooks
2005-01-10 03:07:37
That's a function of the compiler the way it does that.  I always end up taking screenshots.
2005-01-10 06:05:29
but my question is: is it of any use?  Big Grin
Stephen Brooks
2005-01-11 01:37:14
Yes, as it tells me the function and line numbers where the crash occurred - as opposed to the default Windows box that gives me a load of addresses that mean nothing!
2005-01-12 08:39:38
Due to the fact that the client keeps crashing every time with that same error as mentioned above (-g and -f clients) i stopped DPAD indefinatly on that box...

Stephen, could you let me know (gekkie AT if and when i might be able to give it another more succesful try?  Big Grin

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