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[SG]Santas little helper
2005-01-19 09:12:29
My client (4.41f) rechecks results that aren't best so far.  (e.g. ChicaneLinacB90 1.383445 while having a results.dat containing the actual 1.444410).
The only thing I tweaked is that I changed to recheck more than 5 times!(6/7/8 times) I installed a fresh client too but this wasn't the solution.
Any presumptions?

[SG]Santas little helper
Stephen Brooks
2005-07-19 03:21:56
I think this is because when you set the threshold to e.g. 8 rechecks, Muon1 no longer "trusts" results with any fewer than 8 rechecks, so all the #runs=5 results in your results.dat are not counted when it tries to find the maximum of the "trustworthy" results.  You'll find once you have a high score that has been rechecked 8 times, this will happen less often.
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