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2005-02-16 20:32:54
Both of the current optimizations are looking very flat.  Any tweaks to the parameters planned or new optimizations in the works?  I know you should give them a week or so once it flattens, but we are past that point.
2005-02-21 04:48:35
Well, PhaseRotateB made a small jump after being flat for so long.  Flatlining isn't good for lots of things.
2005-02-24 15:35:43
If someone is willing to start a new simulation from scratch I'm sure a new optimisation will come up that might better the current one.  I still remember solenoids jumping quite hugely after 3 months of being stagnant.
2005-02-25 04:21:19
If, by "start a new simulation from scratch" you mean erase the results.dat file and don't allow the client to download sample results, then I have done that.  I have my fastest PC churning out simulations based only its own results, not anyone elses from DPAD.

No better results so far, in fact, nothing even close yet.
Stephen Brooks
2005-03-03 09:15:05
I think they are either near optimised or have reached a place from which the current optimiser is not good enough to improve from.  I'll keep them going just in case - and I will definitely go back to these if I upgrade the optimiser in certain ways.

I'm using the best results in the list so far to do some analysis of my own back here right now.
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