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2005-04-05 02:58:46

Is it possible to copy all "neccesary to run" files onto floppy so i can take it with me and run Muon@Work ?
If "yes" wich files do i need to copy ?

Maniacken [US-Distributed]
2005-04-05 19:37:10
I would say no to a floppy as the results you generate will easily add up to more than a meg.  It is possible (i have done this) to use a usb drive.

Upon more thinking it might be posssible if you turn on autosend results, assuming that you can send data from your work place.  If you are doing the work at work and then taking it home to send the data i would recomend using a usb thumb drive.

second edit.  i am changing my mind on the floppy disk.  all of your previous tests (result.dat) will need to be stored in the muon folder even if you keep sending in your results.  so the folder size will be well above floppy capacity.

for example my result.dat file is over 10 meg and i am sure others are a lot larger.
2005-04-06 06:06:01
I hope this reply comes only once since pushing the "post now" button seems to be a joke,.. pushing it 3 times without any response.

Unfortunallity we do not own a PC with USB @ work,.. installing programs is not allowed and al devices excluding floppy have been disabled.  Weve got a reaaaal sick system administrator !!  The idear, USB stick is oke, i can always use it for Muon so that my data is save.

2005-04-06 17:00:33
USB Stick is cool Smile
Stephen Brooks
2005-04-07 02:23:57
What about one of those strange "floppy disks" that are actually another sort of storage but present a magnetic interface to the FDD reader?

First one from Google for "floppy disk adapter":
2005-04-07 07:28:59
Unfortunately you need to install a driver for the adaptor to work.
2005-04-07 10:45:36
Correct ! 
Btw, i had never seen this floppy.  Big Grin

I think only an hacker could do it !!
The @work PC doesn´t start .exe files other than allowed by system admin.  So maybe the .bat extension will also be blocked.

I work in shifts so i could run the program 5 hours in evening ans 6 hours in nightshift Mad
Stephen Brooks
2005-04-08 08:56:14
What happens if you rename Muon1 to "winword.exe" and then put Word somewhere else?  Big Grin

[edit] ...probably won't work.  If the "don't execute" flag on NT is set on the file somehow..
2005-04-08 15:34:06
It´s worse than that,..

Moving, copying, deleting ALL disabled. 
Told you : This sys admin is real sick !!

So,.. i´ll have to live with it and take my own PC with me Maybe buy a laptop one day.
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