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2005-04-24 12:53:45

I’am new here.  I have join DPAD yesterday and got a wu who was done this ewening.  Hovewer the work will not be sent to the server.  I have run both “config-net” “and manual-send” but nothing happen.  I have restarted the PC and close the firewall with no success.  I have this info from different files:

[AMD Users]Lagu (Wrote this on the dark blue frame)

ChicaneLinacB90 PhaseRotB

0.854389 (432.1 Mpts) [v4.41f] {156F22C402A94349967BCF0F} <PhaseRotB> (last line)

Config Any changes here? 
Resolution: 1024x768
Priority for background running ([N]ormal, [L]ow, [B]ackground): L
Threads (number or 'auto'): auto
Auto-send results ([Y]es, [N]o): Y
Auto-save interval (seconds; 0 for no save): 240
Rechecks for best-so-far results (min.  5): 5
Use passive (PASV) mode for FTP transfers: N
Download sample results file after a number of days (0=don't): 3
Sample file URL:{lattice}_100.txt
FTP command call: ftp -script.ftp
Update lattice files from web every N hours (0=don't): 12
Use old FTP calling method (as pre-v4.34; can hang, but more compatible with ZoneAlarm): N
TrialType ratios: Mutate=3;Crossover=3;Interpolate=3;Extrapolate=3;MuSpherical=3;MuOne=3;Extreme=1;LocalGrad=3;TopoSmooth=2;
Particles per extra thread (limits threading overhead): 100

Lagu Confused
2005-04-24 14:22:20
Manualsend requires results.txt to be of certain size (don't know how large), and the auto-send functionality will be activated when results.txt exceeds 100kb.

Does this answer your question?
david gould
2005-04-24 14:36:26
I believe the results file has to be at least 10 kb before it will be successfully sent; otherwise, you get a small popup window that says something along the lines of "This file is too small to be sent, sending too many small results files will overload the server."

Hope this helps.
2005-04-24 16:07:06
Thanks for the reply, but the whole wu has got to end.  I tried to click om Moun1 I don't remember if I clicked on the screensawer but, suddenly a wu (the same?) started with a graphis frame and was sending results for this task ewery 5 min.  But now it will run as a screensawer.  I don't like it.  I don't know what as happen but, I can't use my computer before I quiet the screensawer.  I have before run it in the background.  Can I suspend the screensawer and go back to run in the background?

Lagu Mad
2005-04-24 17:28:06
Hi Lagu.  You can suspend the screen saver at any time and go back to runing in background!  In your Muon dir you will see two files one called ( which is generated by the screensaver, and another (autocli.sav) which is from the background.exe or cmdline.bat, I use cmdline.bat which sit on my ToolBar and cloce it when I wish to do any other heavy computer work.  I,in my Config file have said No to Auto-send though once a week do a manual send as I'm only on dialup.  David Gould, is correct in his statment!  Hope this helps.  Boots
2005-04-25 14:34:31
Hallo David Gould and Boots and other
Thank you for your engagement

I don’t have (autocli.sav) and nor sendlog.log either.
I have expanded all files with Winrar to C:\\program files but I can only find a folder named Lattie where two readme files are.  Not any DPAD folder.  Can I have got a corrupt version?
I have V441F. I'm also using broadband 2 Mbits.

I can tell that I’m now running in the background.  The (screensaver was only there when the task should be send)
It seems as I got trouble.  Tonight when I was looking at task manager the Moun1 client was not there and the usage had fall down.  I was thinking the WU has been done, so I restarted my PC and downloaded an upgrade of another program.  I couldn’t figure out what was wrong.  I open the program/files and clicked on Moun1 to se what as happen.  Suddenly a frame opened
And, a figure like the accelerator was showing.  It begins to send a small bit of the WU.  (It was who I think was the screensaver.  I had 1.76 MB to send and the processor begin to calculate again.  I was sitting behind and stir on this frame to see what happen, if it should send the WU rapidly.  However it was a mistake.  It calculate I don’t know how long because I must go to bed.  7 o’clock this morning it was done and I had got a new WU.  I don’t understand this.  It has early been sent 236 b of 1.76 MB.  I don’t understand why calculate begin again if it already has been done before.  The whole time I was sitting and stir it send as I write here: Sending 74/1, 74/2 and so on up to 74/10. After this a new calculation began.
When I checked my points in AMD Users I couldn’t found my name.  It seems also as the WU not was sending emery 5 minutes.  I don’t know if I have done a WU under the day who not is send.  Where is the moderator?  Need he not read what peoples post?  I think he can see if there is any trouble because my score not has appeared, but the work has been sent.

I hope anyone can tell me what is wrong.  When 1.76 MB is waiting to be sent it will stop me from to use my computer.  It should be better if 100 b is sent every 5 minutes and why begin my PC to calculate again?  Can the whole process been interrupted when I restarted?

All help will be highly appreciated.

2005-04-25 19:43:10
Hi Lagu again, OK, some more info for you....When you unrar the file V441f.rar you should have a folder V441F showing files.
config.txt - config_net.bat - config_nonet.bat - font.dat - fontsmall.dat - manualsend.bat - muno1.exe - muon1.scr - muon1_background.exe - muon1_cmdline.bat - readme.txt - viewresults.exe with two folders named lattices and datafiles. 

If you run the muon1_cmdline.bat a window will popup and on the top line will ask you for the name you wish to be called.  Mine is Boots[OCAU], Boots is my name and [OCAU]is the team I belong.  This will generate a user.txt file.  This file is used to identefy you.  Hit enter and all should be Ok.

After the first unit in completed, a file results.dat and results.txt will show, when the file results.txt is above 10K it will be sent, unless you edit the config.txt file and set Auto-send results to No.  Then say once a week, you then Manualsend (manualsend,bat) this uploads the data from results.txt and show you a file sendlog.log.  See how you go!
2005-04-26 06:26:03
Thank you Boots.  You is very kind who will help me out.

I must have twisted eyes.LOL Today morning I remowe all files and expanded it again in the folder C:\\Muon1\datafiles\latties\samplefiles. 
Should start Muon1, a window appeared who say I must create a file with my username so I did so.  The first time I start Muon1 it create this file self in Notepad.  I need not create “Datafiles and Samplefiles” only Muon1. I must have missed any files because I got an Excel file (21.295 lines long) with data.  I never had this before I think, only an Excel files with different hosts to send the results to.  When I should begin to crunch the task it appeared as a screensaver.  I quit it and begin to run it in cmd line mode.  I had not understand that when I started running this tonight it was the working process who was showed there when I have download a new task because it continue to run in the morning.  I remove this and begin from start.  If it only was new tasks that had been a download over night, I should have 100 MB of work units I think. 
Now I have this files in muon1:
Servers.csv (Excel file)
User.txt (My name [AMD Users]Lagu)
In the map "Datafiles" are four l2y0.txt files and one Excel file Pi_plus-2g2ev (21.295 lines).
All seems work properly now but I can't send nothing.  I have got a message who say the result is smaller than 10000 B so I will wait for a large results. 
I will thank you BOOTS again for your deep engagement.  I think the problem will be over.  The only who could happen is if the connection with the server will fail.

Lagu Smile

2005-04-26 06:31:00
This link wont work{lattice}_100.txt

Stephen Brooks
2005-04-26 06:49:52
Replace {lattice} by ChicaneLinacB90 or PhaseRotB (the lattice names).
2005-04-26 06:56:19
Originally posted by Stephen Brooks:
Replace {lattice} by ChicaneLinacB90 or PhaseRotB (the lattice names). 

Do you mean I shall rename the lattice name to ChicaneLinacB90 or PhaseRotB in the config file?

2005-04-26 07:21:02
I wounder if 100 KB is lager than 10000 B. It is stated in the Readme.exe that 100 K is enough to manualsend.  But I wuonder why the WU not use my broadband to autosend.  Perhaps I must telling that in the Config.txt?

Anyone who know?
Lagu Wink
2005-04-26 11:18:30
100KB = 100 * 1024B = 102400B > 10000B
2005-04-26 18:36:06

I have tried to manualsend the results several times but fail.  The host close the connection.  I have Auto-send on and have noticed that it fail when Muon1 tried to send.  A message appear who say the host is currently offline.  So has it been in two days now.  I have a router who I disconected and use only the modem.  No differense!  Can the server feel if a results is to small and stop it?  What the hell is going on?  I begin tired of all these difficulties.

Lagu Mad
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