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This project is not currently active.  The back-end is still running (for now) for hobbyists and people interested in running the software, but it is not working on anything significant.
NB: the main write-up of the project and its results is in Chapters 7 and 8 of my thesis.

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#UsernameMptsHours since last active ^
12399. Administrator 57591 (Boinc Wrapper)0.0 (0)Unset
12400. Aegis Maelstrom 28972 (Boinc Wrapper)0.0 (0)Unset
12401. Afterburners 31762 (Boinc Wrapper)0.0 (0)Unset
12402. alex 38699 (Boinc Wrapper)0.0 (0)Unset
12403. Agostino 510 (Boinc Wrapper)0.0 (0)Unset
12404. ahferroin7 44294 (Boinc Wrapper)0.0 (0)Unset
12405. ahmedo93 41559 (Boinc Wrapper)0.0 (0)Unset
12406. Aidan 34148 (Boinc Wrapper)0.0 (0)Unset
12407. Al 34276 (Boinc Wrapper)0.0 (0)Unset
12408. AL ADIM 128 (Boinc Wrapper)0.0 (0)Unset
12409. alan mcclelland 37337 (Boinc Wrapper)0.0 (0)Unset
12410. Aleksander Fingann Stenberg [AF] [3[8[4]8]6] 84 24027 (Boinc Wrapper)0.0 (0)Unset
12411. Alenfive 39134 (Boinc Wrapper)0.0 (0)Unset
12412. aLeX 30029 (Boinc Wrapper)0.0 (0)Unset
12413. zyberdez0.0 (0)Unset
12414 of 12414 users active  0.0    
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