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This project is not currently active.  The back-end is still running (for now) for hobbyists and people interested in running the software, but it is not working on anything significant.
NB: the main write-up of the project and its results is in Chapters 7 and 8 of my thesis.

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#UsernameMptsHours since last active ^
4150. spaetz0.0 (0)Unset
4151. spike6150.0 (0)Unset
4152. Spock [Team Sci-Fi]0.0 (0)Unset
4153. Star Stuff [Terrene Bell]0.0 (0)Unset
4154. StarStuff [Terrene Bell]0.0 (0)Unset
4155. StarStuff33 [Terrene Bell]0.0 (0)Unset
4156. steve0.0 (0)Unset
4157. strumpel0.0 (0)Unset
4158. Tom.Martin0.0 (0)Unset
4159. (0)Unset
4160. TeamAROS [Terrene Bell]0.0 (0)Unset
4161. TeamHURD [Terrene Bell]0.0 (0)Unset
4162. TeamVerizon [Terrene Bell]0.0 (0)Unset
4163. Telluhna913 [Terrene Bell]0.0 (0)Unset
4164. The Borg Collective [US-Distributed]0.0 (0)Unset
4165. the-mk[]0.0 (0)Unset
4166. thecarmack230.0 (0)Unset
4167. TheHURD [Terrene Bell]0.0 (0)Unset
4168. Tiamat [Terrene Bell]0.0 (0)Unset
4169. Michelle Hughes [Terrene Bell]0.0 (0)Unset
4170. MichaelGermany0.0 (0)Unset
4171. Aaron Schaufenbuel0.0 (0)Unset
4172. ddiedrich0.0 (0)Unset
4173. cedricvonck@skynet.be0.0 (0)Unset
4174. Choboscobo [Terrene Bell]0.0 (0)Unset
4175. Columbia University [Terrene Bell]0.0 (0)Unset
4176. coolman20240.0 (0)Unset
4177. cphuhu0.0 (0)Unset
4178. crispycruncher10.0 (0)Unset
4179. D0.0 (0)Unset
4180. danawhitaker0.0 (0)Unset
4181. DarkFrog0.0 (0)Unset
4182. Deathstar0.0 (0)Unset
4183. Cassfras230.0 (0)Unset
4184. Dennisthepesant0.0 (0)Unset
4185. Denny Ragusch0.0 (0)Unset
4186. DERGie of Meadowlark0.0 (0)Unset
4187. DeVry [Terrene Bell]0.0 (0)Unset
4188. DigiChaos0.0 (0)Unset
4189. dlat0.0 (0)Unset
4190. dmedici0.0 (0)Unset
4191. DPRGI - Federico0.0 (0)Unset
4192. Dr Napalm0.0 (0)Unset
4193. CCC Rego Pk [Terrene Bell]0.0 (0)Unset
4194. Captain Janeway []0.0 (0)Unset
4195. Earle Holland0.0 (0)Unset
4196. Apocalypse Now [Terrene Bell]0.0 (0)Unset
4197. Abe P0.0 (0)Unset
4198. adream0.0 (0)Unset
4199. AlalXul [Terrene Bell]0.0 (0)Unset
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