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This project is not currently active.  The back-end is still running (for now) for hobbyists and people interested in running the software, but it is not working on anything significant.
NB: the main write-up of the project and its results is in Chapters 7 and 8 of my thesis.

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#UsernameMptsHours since last active ^
8199. [DPC] Howling0.0 (0)Unset
8200. [DPC] iago0.0 (0)Unset
8201. [DPC] IceClub0.0 (0)Unset
8202. [DPC] Immortalsean0.0 (0)Unset
8203. [DPC] Iscara0.0 (0)Unset
8204. [DPC] JariW0.0 (0)Unset
8205. [DPC] JerreDV0.0 (0)Unset
8206. [DPC] Jobar0.0 (0)Unset
8207. [DPC] Hanske0.0 (0)Unset
8208. [DPC] Joon0.0 (0)Unset
8209. [DPC] Keesmo0.0 (0)Unset
8210. [DPC] KingCobra0.0 (0)Unset
8211. [DPC] Kwelgeest0.0 (0)Unset
8212. [DPC] LittleB0.0 (0)Unset
8213. [DPC] MethinX0.0 (0)Unset
8214. [DPC] Mojo0.0 (0)Unset
8215. [DPC] Motten0.0 (0)Unset
8216. [DPC] mpg0.0 (0)Unset
8217. [DPC] Herr Otto0.0 (0)Unset
8218. [DPC] Gobelair0.0 (0)Unset
8219. [DPC] Crazy Cows~da weezle0.0 (0)Unset
8220. [DPC] Crazy Cows~TwilighT Crazy0.0 (0)Unset
8221. [DPC] Crazy Cows~fbeez0.0 (0)Unset
8222. [DPC] Crazy Cows~Fubah0.0 (0)Unset
8223. [DPC] Crazy Cows~Onera0.0 (0)Unset
8224. [DPC] Crazy Cows~rebelsrun0.0 (0)Unset
8225. [DPC] Crazy Cows~Roberto0.0 (0)Unset
8226. [DPC] Crazy Cows~SergioG0.0 (0)Unset
8227. [DPC] Crazy Cows~Silk dude0.0 (0)Unset
8228. [DPC] Crazy Cows~tHe IkkE0.0 (0)Unset
8229. [DPC] Crazy Cows~The-Freak0.0 (0)Unset
8230. [DPC] Cyber Star0.0 (0)Unset
8231. [DPC] Gert-Jan AMD640.0 (0)Unset
8232. [DPC] Deefje0.0 (0)Unset
8233. [DPC] Dman0.0 (0)Unset
8234. [DPC] Drs.P0.0 (0)Unset
8235. [DPC] dwaas0.0 (0)Unset
8236. [DPC] Eclipse~Haiya-Dragon0.0 (0)Unset
8237. [DPC] Eclipse~JJJ0.0 (0)Unset
8238. [DPC] Edwin0.0 (0)Unset
8239. [DPC] Eldandil0.0 (0)Unset
8240. [DPC] exstractor0.0 (0)Unset
8241. [DPC] Fuzzel0.0 (0)Unset
8242. [China]Ling Du Yu0.0 (0)Unset
8243. [China]hq2000pro0.0 (0)Unset
8244. [DPC] Norm 27820.0 (0)Unset
8245. [ARS]Aisha ClanClan0.0 (0)Unset
8246. [AMD Users]Mori0.0 (0)Unset
8247. [AMD Users]spjeff690.0 (0)Unset
8248. [AMD Users]Tumppi0.0 (0)Unset
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