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This project is not currently active.  The back-end is still running (for now) for hobbyists and people interested in running the software, but it is not working on anything significant.
NB: the main write-up of the project and its results is in Chapters 7 and 8 of my thesis.

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#Username ^MptsHours since last active
7400. [DPC] TNG0.0 (0)Unset
7401. [DPC] TRiON0.0 (0)Unset
7402. [DPC] Team ColdFusion~Arnim0.0 (0)Unset
7403. [DPC] Team ColdFusion~Bitje0.0 (0)Unset
7404. [DPC] Team ColdFusion~ColdFusion0.0 (0)Unset
7405. [DPC] Team ColdFusion~CreX NL0.0 (0)Unset
7406. [DPC] Team ColdFusion~Deathraven0.0 (0)Unset
7407. [DPC] Team ColdFusion~Divisie Kruidvat0.0 (0)Unset
7408. [DPC] Team ColdFusion~Divisie Wijckel0.0 (0)Unset
7409. [DPC] Team ColdFusion~En10.0 (0)Unset
7410. [DPC] Team ColdFusion~Geintje0.0 (0)Unset
7411. [DPC] Team ColdFusion~Jan0.0 (0)Unset
7412. [DPC] Team ColdFusion~Jelle0.0 (0)Unset
7413. [DPC] Team ColdFusion~Madcat0.0 (0)Unset
7414. [DPC] Team ColdFusion~Mar0.0 (0)Unset
7415. [DPC] Team ColdFusion~Nightwatcher0.0 (0)Unset
7416. [DPC] Team ColdFusion~Polichism0.0 (0)Unset
7417. [DPC] Team ColdFusion~Pskutte0.0 (0)Unset
7418. [DPC] Team ColdFusion~Radiant0.0 (0)Unset
7419. [DPC] Team ColdFusion~SandStar0.0 (0)Unset
7420. [DPC] Team ColdFusion~SilverLion0.0 (0)Unset
7421. [DPC] Team ColdFusion~SlinkingAnt0.0 (0)Unset
7422. [DPC] Team ColdFusion~THE MMC0.0 (0)Unset
7423. [DPC] Team ColdFusion~The Vladimir0.0 (0)Unset
7424. [DPC] Team ColdFusion~Unassigned0.0 (0)Unset
7425. [DPC] Team ColdFusion~YuKu0.0 (0)Unset
7426. [DPC] Team ColdFusion~Zion0.0 (0)Unset
7427. [DPC] Team ColdFusion~blikkie0.0 (0)Unset
7428. [DPC] Team ColdFusion~emphasisNL0.0 (0)Unset
7429. [DPC] Team ColdFusion~ironbiter0.0 (0)Unset
7430. [DPC] Team ColdFusion~jodel0.0 (0)Unset
7431. [DPC] Team ColdFusion~pool690.0 (0)Unset
7432. [DPC] Team ColdFusion~sus0.0 (0)Unset
7433. [DPC] Tengo0.0 (0)Unset
7434. [DPC] TheBorg0.0 (0)Unset
7435. [DPC] TheLevel0.0 (0)Unset
7436. [DPC] UrinatinventuM0.0 (0)Unset
7437. [DPC] VFRmaniac0.0 (0)Unset
7438. [DPC] Vinzie0.0 (0)Unset
7439. [DPC] Vosje0.0 (0)Unset
7440. [DPC] WJP790.0 (0)Unset
7441. [DPC] Wapwap0.0 (0)Unset
7442. [DPC] White Panther0.0 (0)Unset
7443. [DPC] Xanathorn0.0 (0)Unset
7444. [DPC] Xorsist0.0 (0)Unset
7445. [DPC] Xtentic0.0 (0)Unset
7446. [DPC] Yobby0.0 (0)Unset
7447. [DPC] ZeRoC00L0.0 (0)Unset
7448. [DPC] Zwizzle0.0 (0)Unset
7449. [DPC] aadje0.0 (0)Unset
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