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2007-11-30 01:19:24
I couldn't get the screen-saver working on XP.  The error I got was:
"Directdraw error DDERR_UNSUPPORTED @ directxsetup,8bit - setting display mode"

I changed the Resolution in the config file from 'auto' to the maximum supported resolution for my video card, which is 1366x768. Muon1.exe would then work fine, but the screen-saver would not (muon1.scr).

However, if I installed the screen saver, then selected it in the Windows display properties wizard, and clicked on the [settings] button, I could get the screen saver to work by appending to the command line this flag:

Which leads me to believe the screen-saver isn't reading the config.txt file correctly.
Stephen Brooks
2007-11-30 14:36:57
Just had a look and fixed this error.  When the screensaver is started it looks for config.txt in the WINDOWS directory instead of the Muon1 directory.  I've now fixed this in the source code for v4.44, which should be out within 2 weeks now.
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