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2004-06-26 18:23:47
After some monitoring of the results I send in and the score I got for it I come to the conclusion that the first result in Results.txt is never (almost never) added to my score.

What I do to overcome this is that I start a new Results.txt by adding an old result (with a low score) so this 'dummy' score disappears.
2004-06-27 02:32:19
Its not only the first one, I've just send in 44 results and three are missing...
2004-06-27 03:31:40
Wow, I found it...its not just the first result in the file, every first result from one of the simulation types (chicanelinacB, Solenoidsto15cm, phaserotb) is not counted!!!
2004-06-27 03:44:48
Kick ass!
Sounds like an ordinary off-by-one error.  Should be very easy for Stephen to fix this.
Stephen Brooks
2004-06-28 01:14:43
Aha.  Well, sounds simple from that.  All I got by looking at the stats generator were some results that just appeared to have the wrong checksum, but I couldn't figure out why.  Maybe it's now an error at the client end.
2004-07-08 05:25:50
20040708-121351 6 results sent to

It gave me a checksum error I sent the results ... I have made a backup, so if it would help i would be able to give you the 6 results to figure out which checksum didn't match (I haven't changed anything)
2004-07-08 05:30:57
I sen the results again (just to test what it does now, because the results didn't appear in stats) and it didn't give a checksum error.  I will look what happens now, if it workes, you will see another 2% PhaseRotB result soon Wink
2004-08-05 05:21:10
It also happens with the 4.3 client, but since there is only one optimalisation done with that client the first result in a result.txt is not counted by the stats.
2004-08-05 09:20:33
The problem occurs with any client because it's a problem with the statsgenerator.  The problem can be fixed server side, but therefore Stephen needs to return from his congress first.
2004-08-05 10:16:50
Originally posted by <,SuperHiddo>:
It also happens with the 4.3 client, but since there is only one optimalisation done with that client the first result in a result.txt is not counted by the stats. 

Think he is back again!  Cool
2004-08-05 12:18:27
Even tho it seems to be the first result on any .
It actually can be any result, from my keeping a very close eye on the results.  I have had some 5run results not appear that would have appeared in the stats list.  Some of these were in the middle, some were at the very end or close to it.  Those I just resent in the next dump as it was easy to tell which results were missing (being a high result for me).  However, there is just no way to remedy the low stats until Stephen fixes his stats generator.  I'm estimating that I'm losing approximately 2000 Mpts a day in misplaced results (maybe more) as I try to dump every few hours.  The cheksums appear to be vaild on the client side.
2004-08-06 02:21:19
Hmmm, I see, I hope this can be solved soon.
2004-08-06 05:09:17
I foresee the site being swamped once the problem is fixed.  Currently I've got more than 50MB of results still waiting to be sent.  Some of the clients which I do not have physical access are currently autosending so probably I'm losing some Mpts but those that I can control are all being held back.
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