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2004-12-28 07:14:06
Don't know where it went and don't have an old copy anywhere.  What I'm getting is a lot of HTML code in a file incorrectly named latticelist.txt.

Can't seem to find it in your samplefiles or lattices directories, either.

(I did find an old one in a v4.3 folder and edited it to what I think is correct (chicanelinacb90 and phaserot but you might check in case it is affecting other users.
2004-12-28 08:39:57
I know, more things are broken...stats are also down.
2004-12-28 13:56:55
Must be a holiday in GB also.  Boxing day and all.

Stephen Brooks
2005-01-04 09:08:27
I think that's fixed now - if you delete latticelist.txt, Muon1 will download a fresh copy.
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