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2004-07-04 02:19:11
Does someone know why the total sum of all results from SETI.Germany members from simplestats.txt is much lower then in the team totals posted on the main stat page?  It seems to be correct for the other teams but not for SG.
[SG] Herb
2004-07-04 15:22:29
Read this thread.  In my case over 18 million Mpts were lost and later corrected from Stephen by hand.  During this correction, only the Mpts were corrected, not the number of results.  Todays number of results is about 141.000 too low.  This is at least one reason for the difference you have noticed.
2004-07-04 23:41:44
Thank you for the anwser, however I've meant the total results in Mpts, not the number of results.  Why would Stephen correct the total result of a team, instead of the individual members who are missing points?
Stephen Brooks
2004-07-10 03:03:57
The stats on my page filter out people who have not submitted anything for 1000 hours or more, whereas rawstats.txt and simplestats.txt show everything.
2004-07-10 12:55:07
Hi Stephen,

I understand that your ranking is based on active people(less then 1000 hours) only, but I think the results of inactive people still count for the overall team scores. 

Mayby I didn't explain it very well, but I really mean this:

I noticed a huge difference in the total team score for SETI.Germany on the DPC stats page (see DPAD team overall stats):
DPAD team overall stats (10 July 2004)
pos total team daily daily
1. () 286682013 Team Anandtech 248451 (2)
2. () 149920853 US-Distributed 35063 (8)
3. () 145599227 SETI.Germany 91303 (4)
4. () 140441750 Dutch Power Cows 1533541 (1)
All Optimisations Tab-separated stats list [updated 2004-Jul-10; 19:25]1. Team Anandtech 160 members, 1656602 results, 288.734 Tpts
2. SETI.Germany 84 members, 1042471 results, 164.025 Tpts
3. US-Distributed 32 members, 905302 results, 149.921 Tpts
4. Dutch Power Cows 185 members, 1108206 results, 140.442 Tpts

First I thought there was something wrong in the DPC stat page, but DukeBox the guy building the DPC stats explained everything should be okay. 
The I checked the scores myself by summing up al scores of the different team members and also ended up with a much lower score for SETI.Germany then it shows on your stats.

Maybe I overlooked something, but I just wondered what could cause this hughe difference..
Stephen Brooks
2004-07-12 03:14:20
Hmm... maybe I've somehow counted someone twice?  I'll have to look into it (though might not get time right now as on Wednesday I'm off _again_ to a conference, this time in Japan).
2004-07-12 04:37:33
No problem, its not that important.  I don't see how your stat program can count someone double..maby you are counting some members for [SG] without [SG] in the name.  Or I (and Dukebox stat generator) miss something else.  Anyway it would be great if you could shine some light on this some time
By the way, the total DPAD stats on is different from yours and the DPC stats, i.e. all the total results are lower there but SG is more in line with your stat.  I looks like the DPC stats are more or less the same as yours besides the (still unexplained) large difference for [SG]. I suspect there might be some other errors in their stat generator, but weird it is

Have a nice conference and lots of fun in Japan its fun to look around there!!
Again SuperHiddo
2004-07-12 05:13:03
I just made a quick count of the number of [SG] members in the simplestats.txt and it looks likes only members who produced 4.3 results are in that file ( I counted 46) think that people who only produced with 4.2 and 4.4 are missing in the simplestats.txt!
2004-07-12 11:34:18
Hmmm, I was a little to quick with that update, sorry, that seems to be okay.

I summed up the results of all the [SG] users on you webpage and found a total result equal to the one on your webpage.
I started to compare the people from [SG] user by user and found the following:

On the webpage stats:
[SG] Herb 35578695.1 Mpts

In simplestats.txt
[SG] Herb 17153149.5 Mpts

Difference: 18425545.6
Which acounts for the differences between the web stat total results for [SG] and the stats based on simplestats.txt!

Rawstats.txt seems to be the same as on the webpage...

Maybe it has something to do with the manual correction of the stat you did for [SG] Herb as he mentioned above!!?

Hope this helps.
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