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This page lists the result servers currently registered as part of the Muon1 network.  To have your server removed from this list, please send an e-mail with this request to sbstrudel

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- - - [Adding Your Own Server] - - -

From version 4.43, Muon1 result servers are required to support both the older FTP upload method and the new HTTP method.  That means you should have a computer that is connected to the internet almost always and will be running both an HTTP and FTP service.  The FTP uploads are handled by a public user (often called muon1, but you choose the name and password) that deposits files in your result directory.  The HTTP uploads are handled by a script that must be called /muon1/uploadresults.php in your website's space and configured to drop results in the same result directory as the FTP uploads.  Finally, there is a second FTP user (often called datacenter) who has full access to the result directory and is the one used for retrieving files to the main database and stats generator machine.

    // FTP Setup Details

To set up a Muon1 FTP server, you will need an FTP service (server or daemon) running on your machine.  GuildFTP is a fairly good package to use for this on Windows and if you use Linux, you can try vsftpd.

The FTP users should start in the result directory, which they see as / (the root of the FTP space).  A file /signal.dat will be uploaded to this directory by the datacenter on its first visit: it contains notifications of the latest version of Muon1.  The upload user will create some directories such as /v4.3x and /v4.4x to hold results from different Muon1 versions, as well as a folder called /testfiles that is used by older version to check contact with the FTP server has been established.

LocationPermissions for upload userExplanation
/ (FTP root)read and create directory (not write)Allows download of the /signal.dat file and creating directories for new versions and testfiles.
Version directories (/v4.3x, /v4.4x etc.)write (not read)Uploading only, without users being able to copy others' result files.
/testfiles directorywrite, read and deleteAllows upload, download and delete of a temporary file to confirm two-way FTP contact has been made.

The datacenter user should have full access to the FTP space.  It will read and delete the results files regularly and also occasionally overwrite signal.dat with a new version.  For those servers that specify it separately, every user can have list permission everywhere.

    // HTTP Setup Details

You should be running a webserver such as Apache on port 80 (the default) with PHP installed and place this script at /muon1/uploadresults.php in your website space.  You will need to edit one line in this script to define the location of your result directory (the FTP root).  Note that this directory should not reside within your web space, otherwise malicious files could be uploaded and executed on your server by anyone.

There can be minor snags with installation - the php.ini file included with your PHP installation may need to be edited slightly to allow file uploads and set a temporary folder for storing uploaded files.  The webserver must give PHP sufficient permissions to write files to the result directory.  If you are having problems, send an e-mail and I can check whether the server is working and try to find out if anything is wrong.

- - - [Set Up Already?] - - -

You can add your result server to the list by filling in the form below with the logon details of the user for public FTP uploads, then e-mailing the logon information for the datacenter user (all downloads) to sbstrudel  Your server will then be tested and added to the list when working.

Server name or IP:
Muon1 username: Muon1 password:
Server administrator's name: Contact e-mail address:
Other notes:

- - - [Files] - - -

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