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Cube Sculptures

This screensaver draws an array of 'solid' 3D cubes in various configurations.  Probably the most interesting part of it is watching how the picture is plotted.  Initial version uploaded 2003-Jun-01.

Modified 2020-Aug-08 upgrading to OpenGL shaders and adding animation.

Press Q or Escape to quit the program.  Pressing N generates a new arrangement of cubes.

To install as a screensaver, copy all files into your Windows folder.

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> Try it now! - download and run the EXE file (Windows sometimes requires you to right click, 'Properties', 'Unblock' first).

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Cubes screensaver (.7z file, 57KB; zip file, 64KB).
Use 7-Zip to open .7z files, WinZip files (less compression) provided for compatibility.

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Cubes screensaver

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