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This project is not currently active.  The back-end is still running (for now) for hobbyists and people interested in running the software, but it is not working on anything significant.
NB: the main write-up of the project and its results is in Chapters 7 and 8 of my thesis.

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#Username ^MptsHours since last active
6850. [AF France Astro] Oulianof 30695 (Boinc Wrapper)0.0 (0)Unset
6851. [AF France Astro]Maaanu 56374 (Boinc Wrapper)0.0 (0)Unset
6852. [AF France Dom-Tom Reunion] David 34940 (Boinc Wrapper)0.0 (0)Unset
6853. [AF France EST Alsace] The Guy 1708 (Boinc Wrapper)0.0 (0)Unset
6854. [AF France Est Alsace Bas-Rhin]maintenant 460 (Boinc Wrapper)0.0 (0)Unset
6855. [AF France Est Alsace IDF] Cyril BRANDT 26918 (Boinc Wrapper)0.0 (0)Unset
6856. [AF France Est Alsace] bebs 22201 (Boinc Wrapper)0.0 (0)Unset
6857. [AF France Est Champagne-Ardenne Haute-Marne] OLIVIER Sebastien 38101 (Boinc Wrapper)0.0 (0)Unset
6858. [AF France Est Champagne-Ardenne Marne] Galeric 1566 (Boinc Wrapper)0.0 (0)Unset
6859. [AF France Est Champagne-Ardenne Marne] LeChat51X 33843 (Boinc Wrapper)0.0 (0)Unset
6860. [AF France Est Lorraine] yannva 1564 (Boinc Wrapper)0.0 (0)Unset
6861. [AF France IDF] technique 605 (Boinc Wrapper)0.0 (0)Unset
6862. [AF France IDF]Lic 5203 (Boinc Wrapper)0.0 (0)Unset
6863. [AF France IDF]dede 30789 (Boinc Wrapper)0.0 (0)Unset
6864. [AF France Ouest BZH Cotes-d-Armor] Aldebaran 22850 (Boinc Wrapper)0.0 (0)Unset
6865. [AF France Ouest BZH]Hairyki 34487 (Boinc Wrapper)0.0 (0)Unset
6866. [AF France Ouest Limousin] IESF 33807 (Boinc Wrapper)0.0 (0)Unset
6867. [AF France Ouest Limousin] gillou 2384 (Boinc Wrapper)0.0 (0)Unset
6868. [AF France Ouest Pays de la Loire Angers]MalinPlaisir 33781 (Boinc Wrapper)0.0 (0)Unset
6869. [AF France Ouest Pays de la Loire Maine et Loire]MalinPlaisir 33781 (Boinc Wrapper)0.0 (0)Unset
6870. [AF France Ouest Pays de la Loire Vertou] Pierre 44 4771 (Boinc Wrapper)0.0 (0)Unset
6871. [AF France Ouest Pays-de-la-Loire Maine-et-Loire]MalinPlaisir 33781 (Boinc Wrapper)0.0 (0)Unset
6872. [AF France Ouest]Nazoux 28471 (Boinc Wrapper)0.0 (0)Unset
6873. [AF France Ouest]Romnukem 1926 (Boinc Wrapper)0.0 (0)Unset
6874. [AF France Ouest]SetiOne 1672 (Boinc Wrapper)0.0 (0)Unset
6875. [AF France Pays de la Loire Maine et Loire]MalinPlaisir 33781 (Boinc Wrapper)0.0 (0)Unset
6876. [AF France Picardie]chrmarcel 2079 (Boinc Wrapper)0.0 (0)Unset
6877. [AF France Sale-caractere] Antares 2080 (Boinc Wrapper)0.0 (0)Unset
6878. [AF France Sale-caractere] Oulianof 30695 (Boinc Wrapper)0.0 (0)Unset
6879. [AF France TDM Centre]franky82 3156 (Boinc Wrapper)0.0 (0)Unset
6880. [AF France TDM IDF] Myrrdhinn 30505 (Boinc Wrapper)0.0 (0)Unset
6881. [AF France TDM Picardie Oise] docmic92 2485 (Boinc Wrapper)0.0 (0)Unset
6882. [AF France] Chuck Maurice 63887 (Boinc Wrapper)0.0 (0)Unset
6883. [AF France] Cyril BRANDT 26918 (Boinc Wrapper)0.0 (0)Unset
6884. [AF France] N@G@ 44006 (Boinc Wrapper)0.0 (0)Unset
6885. [AF France] Pat-SC 1770 (Boinc Wrapper)0.0 (0)Unset
6886. [AF France] Philippe06121966 35670 (Boinc Wrapper)0.0 (0)Unset
6887. [AF France] Soul Phoenix 32724 (Boinc Wrapper)0.0 (0)Unset
6888. [AF France] Super Dupont 32724 (Boinc Wrapper)0.0 (0)Unset
6889. [AF France] Sylvain Bouchard 29263 (Boinc Wrapper)0.0 (0)Unset
6890. [AF France] Thierry Cornet 1976 (Boinc Wrapper)0.0 (0)Unset
6891. [AF France] Zarcox 19053 (Boinc Wrapper)0.0 (0)Unset
6892. [AF France] docmic92 2485 (Boinc Wrapper)0.0 (0)Unset
6893. [AF France] nonoleouf 1480 (Boinc Wrapper)0.0 (0)Unset
6894. [AF France]Philipppe 33930 (Boinc Wrapper)0.0 (0)Unset
6895. [AF HFR BZHWDT] Fa 901 (Boinc Wrapper)0.0 (0)Unset
6896. [AF HFR BZHWDT] TetardKing 1509 (Boinc Wrapper)0.0 (0)Unset
6897. [AF HFR BZHWDT] yoltie 25019 (Boinc Wrapper)0.0 (0)Unset
6898. [AF HFR MPT] Iryngael 1956 (Boinc Wrapper)0.0 (0)Unset
6899. [AF HFR MPT] Menkahoure 1784 (Boinc Wrapper)0.0 (0)Unset
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